Holy Matrimony

We cannot ever have a separation of church and state because this country is built on a religious background in more ways than one. Most of what was built on was a rhetorical device, true. We use religion all of the time to manipulate others into making some sort of movement.

For example, abolitionists used faith to abolish slavery. They supposedly used quotes from the Bible to convince people how immoral slavery is. The Bible does not have anything about slavery in it. Another example was Thomas Jefferson used faith to cause people to move West and called it the Manifest Destiny.

Faith was not always in school and people fought tooth and nail to put religion into education. Then they fought tooth and nail to remove it from school. I don’t mind if there is faith in school. I like the thought of being able to pray before eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich without being bothered about it. In a way, I think that they found it was a bad idea since it was enforced in a way that violated the religious rights of others.

What about those who are not religious? It seems that they do not have a say in anything. It doesn’t matter if they vote. It doesn’t matter how patriotic they are; they do not have a voice. So, when it comes to birth control or abortion they get reprimanded by someone who is on their religious high horse.

I do not go to church nor am I gay. When gay marriage became legalized by the government, it gave churches more reasons to bitch. Which is understandable because homosexuality is wrong in the Holy Bible. This even gave a reason for extremists in Arab Nations to start bitching about our country. Most of them think America is gay and it is a free country…what does it matter to them anyway? It’s none of their fucking business.

Anyway, here we have churches pissing and moaning because they do not want to help homosexuals get married. Which is understandable because the Bible is against it. I wonder if it was like this when we finally legalized bi-racial marriage? Why does everything have to be based on religion though? Do all marriages have to be based on faith?

It does not make any sense to me. I don’t understand why we can’t get married without involving any holy book. I think we should have some kind of place to go to to get married. Something that does not involve a priest or a preacher. What do you think?


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