Be Considerate

Sorry, I have been away working on a story. It is almost finished, but I keep on having additional thoughts to add. This is one thought I may consider adding to my book because it has plenty to do with what is going on in society. It has something to do with how we are raising children. It has something to do with youth taking an exodus to Syria and Iraq.

There is something about flags that place citizens on a high alert. I don’t believe that this is something that others are placing into consideration. When someone wants to surrender they wave a white flag. This may an indication that someone wants peace or does not want to be blown to smithereens.

We show pride in our country by waving our flag. We make big deal out of the American flag. If it is not handled in an appropriate manner, Americans get upset. If there is a petition to remove the American flag from school property, people go into a rage. If someone burns the flag, again people go into a rage. You would think that people would understand the significance of flags. They really do strike a cord and people do not take that into consideration.

If you think about it, there are flags that create fear into the hearts of those who it affects. What do you think when you see the Nazi flag? It represents something in the world’s past that was despicable.  Tragedy is linked to that flag, of course it will offend just about everyone. Aryan nation would not really care, but everyone else does.

What do you think of the flag for ISIS? It has the same representation that the Nazi flag has. What do you suppose racist individuals think of this? I find it disgusting that these people have the gumption to fly a flag. I would think that people would rise up against something so hateful so we can prevent history repeating itself.

It makes me wonder what this world has come to to permit things like this from happening. Yes, some may say that this was all in the past…but, why can’t we learn from those mistakes? Flags serve a purpose. They hold much history; they hold more history than people realize.

I am white and have a fragmented idea of history. When I see a confederate flag, I feel offended. Personally, I think that anyone carrying a confederate flag is white trash. It never occurred to me why I had this feeling. Never. This was up until the recent shootings at the church.

People are fighting to remove the confederate flag from just about everywhere. There are others who are protesting the removal. I honestly believe that if we do not remove the confederate flag it will be representation of us not learning from our past. I think it should have been taken down a long time ago. Since it has remained up, it only shows what a bunch of sore losers the South really was.

Just because the first slave owner was black, it does not make it okay. People are making so many excuses. People are setting a poor example for the young.

I have seen a copious amount of news reports about how young adults are traveling to join ISIS. Clearly, this has something to do with people hating Iraqis. Iraqis were already being tortured and oppressed and we come along and terrorize them some more when they had nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11. We made a mess and left without implementing an appropriate legal system devoid of crooks….then again, how could we when we have a handful of crooks in our legal system?

Here came ISIS with a black flag murdering as many Iraqis as they can. They are acting like they are cool. They are taking advantage of those who follow religion closely. They are taking advantage of those who are gullible and miserable. They are using anything that is hip to manipulate others to join in on this.

Even Americans have been running off to join them. What are we teaching the children that will make them do such a thing? If we are over here fighting to keep something that represents oppression and slavery, wouldn’t the young think it is okay to travel to attack another culture that many Americans are racist of? This needs to stop. We need to be setting a good example.

There was a time when America supported what the Nazis stood for. Somehow, on one day we quit doing this. We wouldn’t dare permit a Nazi flag on the grounds of the White House. We would not dare permit the flag of ISIS on American soil. Both flags stand for murdering people who practice a particular faith. Both flags represent racial hatred. Both flags represent the slaughter of innocent people.

If we do not support these hateful tragedies, it is about time to remove the confederate flag. Each flag represents something. Each flag stirs an emotion. I think it is inconsiderate to let something that represents hate be permitted in our country. It is about time to start being mature and start teaching others that hate is not okay.

We need to start being considerate to others. Right now, people are racist to blacks. Right now, people are being racist to Arabs. Right now, extremists are threatening Jews, Christians, and Muslims. We need to start being respectful. Start being considerate to those around you. Stop trying to be offensive. Stop inciting violence. Be considerate and remove the confederate flag.  It could only be the beginning of changing how we treat each other.


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