Take Your Pride and Shove It

I am tempted to just leave it at that, but I am sure some racist piece of crap will take that statement and turn it into a racist comment. I mean, really shut up!!! I am so tired of it. At this point, I think people are speaking just to hear themselves speak.

I find it unjust that the police are shooting anything that moves. IT IS NOT JUST RACE!! It does not matter who this is happening to. What about the unarmed white people who have experienced police brutality and condescending behavior of cops? What about the white people who were stupid enough to let their dogs out that got shot by police?

Honestly, do you see white people rioting and burning down cities? There is no reason. You rioters are making your community look bad. You are making life even more challenging to black communities and that makes you a hypocrite. You rioters are making your race look bad. Burn and steal just because a unarmed black person was murdered?

If you do not want to be shot or be treated poorly, stop breaking the law. Ever heard, “Stop or I will shoot?” When a cop pulls you over and they ask for your drivers licence: GIVE THEM YOUR LICENCE. Most importantly, stay in the car and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Really, is it that hard? Why do you have to be so God damn stupid? Why do you have to be uncooperative and antagonize someone with a loaded weapon?

I am so sick and tired of people playing cards.  I really do not give a flying fuck who or what you are. I learned that if someone calls you a jerk and you retaliate in an jerk manner, you really are a jerk. If you want something done, write to the press. If you want something done, start a petition. If you want something done, contact the attorney general and BBB. If you want something done, it is time for a class action lawsuit. Be an adult for once.


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