The Reason

People are always trying to find the reason to something. It does not matter what it is. There must be some type of reason. For example, I have never been married nor had children. People are always looking for reasons for this.

There was a report about how Idaho is the place to find your significant other. I have had one question in my mind why they think this. Would this not be a sign that Idaho is not really the place to find a spouse? The article should have really been about how Idaho is the place to encourage infidelity.

I have lived in Idaho my entire life. I never lived in any other state. I have lived in Emmett, Boise, and Nampa. I have always been here and it is the same everywhere I go.

I grew up in Emmett and had a couple of boyfriends. They were just that, boyfriends. Nothing developed into a relationship.

Then I moved to Boise. I had a couple of boyfriends. I even had my high school sweetheart, but we ended it. He wanted to follow the same path as his friends and get married. I never wanted to be like anyone else.

Since high school…it’s been friends with benefits. How the hell do you get a relationship from that bullshit? That is all it is: bullshit. The guy is getting the benefits and he certainly is not a friend…especially if he is married.

It makes me wonder where this article came to be because I haven’t had a real boyfriend since high school. It’s either “friends with benefits” or friends with benefits with a married man.

Wait, I did have a boyfriend, but it turned out to be a total fraud. He ruined my house. He ruined my trust. He married the bitch across the street a month after I kicked his him out. The way men treat me (and my mother for that matter) makes me believe that Idaho is the worst place to find a relationship…nobody here wants one.

Which brings me to another topic that people try to find a reason for: children. Why is even asking? Is it really any of your concern? No. In fact, it is 2015 and you need to mind your own business.

What really gets me is the fact that people are in your baby business whether or not you have children. They get in your business when a woman is pregnant. It is as though everyone is making your decisions for you. Having a miscarriage? They are in your business. Taking birth control or the morning after pill? They are in your business.  Had a baby and gave it up for adoption? Had a baby and your single? It goes on and on.

There were a couple of occasions when my mother told me that I should have a baby. A couple of things about this. One, when was the last time anyone wanted a serious relationship with me? Two, wasn’t she the one who told me she was too young to be a grandmother? Too many confusing messages. I even had a roommate who said she would kick my ass if I got pregnant. Why is everyone telling me what I can and cannot do with my body?

Why should I do what everyone else is doing? People will be in my business. All I can think of are medical and education expenses. All I can think of are child abductions and molesters. All I can think of is the child being shot in a classroom or on a battlefield.

Why not just leave people alone? Why not just let us live the way we want and not the way you want? It is my life and body; not yours.


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