Common Sense

The other day I woke up to the news and a lady stated that the kid would not have been shot if he were a white man. BULLSHIT!!!

People need to drop the black pride. It DOES NOT matter what race you are. This happens to white people to. Cops shoot people and dogs here all of the time and none of those people are black. Even innocent bystanders get shot by the police here. Someone will be running from the law and trip. If someone helps him up, the authorities go after those people to.

I send my condolences to those who lost the Tamir Rice. I think it has gotten to the point where everything is a conspiracy and went out of control. People are so wound up with, “Know your rights,” people think it is okay to be lippy with the law. Why don’t you use your head, shut the hell up, be cooperative? Kindness goes a long way and it has worked for me each time I have come face to face with the authorities. I do not have any tickets and I have never been tazed.

Police are human beings as well. I think people forget that these are people every day normal people who applied for a job. Yes, many of them are arrogant pigs that do not know the law. There are some awesome police officers out there who understand the law and are capable of helping when people need them.

So, what if you are being harassed and you get arrested. So what, if you get charged with assault and battery. The camera on the police gives you more leverage than you ever know. The important thing to do is remain calm and be cooperative. It is also important to be honest and answer questions calmly when the officer is talking to you. Remember, this is a person to and does not deserve to have your cell phone in their face.

I recently did jury duty and I discovered that cameras have been on the police before they had reports about it on the news. The case was of a man who got a DUI. This was a case of innocent until proven guilty. One piece of evidence was a video of a group of police giving this individual a sobriety test at his own residence. I noticed that the police were polite (I have seen footage of the police and they have been polite in a majority of the footage), but why were they doing this when he clearly wasn’t driving? He was clearly intoxicated. He was at home and this was ludicrous. Needless to say, the man won. Nobody could prove he was drinking and driving no matter how many witnesses thought they saw him driving. That’s the way it works here.

It is obvious that you must cooperate and remain calm. The drunk man didn’t argue or refuse to do anything. It may have gotten him arrested, but he got out just fine. Nobody beat, tazed, or shot him. I have seen footage where people are swarming the police with cameras and ended up in a scuffle. It is this simple: stop filming them, do what they tell you to, and shut your mouth. The times I see people bitching about police brutality is when the person who was arrested was being belligerent.

As far as Tamir Rice goes, he had a realistic looking gun? I think this is a situation where the parents failed to teach their children respect. When an officer tells you to put something down, you do not keep flashing it. You put the item down when an officer thinks it is a deadly weapon. Remember, “Stop or I’ll shoot!” They will shoot you if you do not put it down. We have had that happen here when someone did not drop their antique gun.

What is with people who think it is okay to break the law? I saw a picture of a man holding a sign stating that a mother was too afraid of her son being shot for robbing a store. Don’t break the law, asshole!

I have written a few blogs about this. Sometimes it is the fault of both sides. Sometimes it is the police officer. Sometimes it is not the cops. We really need to start working on obeying the law, respecting each other, and remaining silent because everything you say will be used against you in the court of law.


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