And Your Point Was?

The records for Guantanamo was released and I am wondering what point they were trying to make. I wonder why they would do anything like this in the first place. I wonder why the government would suddenly be afraid.

If you have watched The Road to Guantanamo, you would not be surprised. As I watched this film, I thought about how we looked like Nazis. I felt bad for anyone who had nothing to do with the terrorism suffering from our immature wrath.

For the past couple of years, I have been listening to reports of the prisoners held captive there. I heard the reports of people who were there for no reason. Isn’t this un-American of us? Isn’t anyone innocent until proven guilty? Why were there people in there without trial or a fair trial? We must have forgotten what life in Iraq was like when Saddam Hussein was terrorizing the sweet citizens who lived there. I mean really, how dare you? This is really sad.

The reports do not surprise me due to American history. Something bad happens and we take it out on the people who escaped that country in the first place. Did Al Qaeda know that our country does this when something tragic happens? When Pearl Harbor happened, the Japanese who resided in America had to give up their lives to live in imprisonment. They didn’t even do anything, but be Japanese. It infuriates me when an elderly Japanese individual is finally getting their high school diploma because we caused such a huge delay. Why do this to anyone? This makes me so sad.

I was listening to McCain’s speech about how we are too great of a country to stoop to the same level as terrorists. He’s absolutely correct. I don’t think we have the maturity level to imprison anyone. American soldiers have proved that time and time again. The reason they do it is because that behavior is condoned in the military. There were so many laws we broke just by doing any of this in the first place.

When someone is released from that prison, the only thing I can think is, “Good.” Many Americans get pissed off because of the terrorist acts that happened back on 9/11, but why? The suspects didn’t even commit a crime. You cannot imprison someone who has not committed any crimes, again this is un-American. Some of them didn’t even get a trial. Who are you to say they cannot be set free? Doesn’t that make you look like a terrorist for allowing these people to be hostages? Because that is what they are: hostages. This is what this hypocritical thought makes you: terrorist. Do we really want to be like them? No.

Do unto others as you want them to do to you.


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