Just To Spite You

I think that it is funny that protestors are crying for boycotting Black Friday. Instead of this country calling for a boycott for a bunch of people who have to work on the holiday/miss their loved ones they probably do not see/having to put up with a bunch of rioters who were not really thankful, people are calling for a boycott for a teenager who could not keep his hands of a POLICE OFFICER who shot a CHILD.

This is another situation where two people were in the wrong. Police officers need to stop shooting to kill. That means humans and pets. End of story. People need to start respecting authority. End of story. You never touch a police officer. Children, yes you, it is against the law to touch a cop. Parents, you need to start disciplining your children.

So, you are continuing to whine about militarizing the police. People have also been failing to take action about it. All people have been doing was taking out their cameras to film it. Put the camera down and help the person being beat up and tazed. Put the camera down and talk to your local congressman. Oh, by the way, I know a huge majority of you failed to go out an vote.

Right now, I am wondering how many of these people complaining about what is happening are registered to vote? How many of these people protesting or whining of a legal age to vote? How many of them didn’t vote and are rioting/complaining? This is something political, yes? We had a low voter turn out.

If you do not understand the significance, why don’t I give you Butch Otter as an example? Before 11/4, Otter puts an “emergency stop” on gay marriage. The panic ban was lifted and they got to have their same sex marriage. 11/4 happens, we have a low voter turn out. A majority of the people who did vote lacked education and do not know what is going on in the community and are ignorant enough to believe that health insurance was created by Obama. Otter won. Now, he is threatening to waste our tax money AGAIN to ban gay marriage again. I see hundreds of comments on news article griping about how Otter is beating a dead horse. #itoldyouso#whydidntyouvote

I think that a majority of the people who are rioting have never done jury duty. Why would they? They are probably not registered to vote!! Anyway, just in case, evidence is presented to jurors. It is not crap from social media sites or paranoid potheads on Youtube. The evidence is not allowed in the public eye. The jurors decision is based on the evidence and evidence only.  From what it appears, there was enough evidence to make the jurors believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer was not guilty.

Okay, they made their decision. Drop it. Time to move onto the future. Another child was shot by an officer. More dogs and adults are going to be shot by an officer. What are you and I going to do to prevent this from happening anymore? Rioting and being an immature baby is not going to help anyone.

I want to go shopping just to spite this hypocritical notion because these rioters…these rioters are having an early black Friday. They are doing the same things the shoppers are going to be doing this Friday. My name is Jennifer and I voted, why the hell weren’t you at the polls?


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