Dear Canada,

Look, I love Canadians. This is why I would not wish anything bad on you, especially President Obama. Hey, if you want him you can have him. In fact, you can have him right now because he keeps finding ways to destroy our country financially while justifying it.

The plus side about Obama is that he realized that we were willing to work the system. He put an end to bail outs because those were hand outs to people who already had money. He was also the only president that probably realized who was the real enemy and that was Al Qaida. The latest thing he has done was made it more affordable for women to take care of their health. Free birth control to go along with the free yearly exam…the preventative exam includes checking for STDs! I’m pretty stoked about that.

The rest of the reform is quite the scam to say the least. I already file my taxes. I already pay my taxes through the year and get them back at the end of the year. That should be the end of it, but no. This piece of crap thinks that he can get that tax money back when it is none of his damn business what I do with my income tax return. That is MY money. I was already enrolled in health insurance ten years ago.

Health care was way easier before he came along. Before I had insurance, I never heard of Medicaid. I never understood Medicare for that matter and didn’t need to because I was not of age. Going to the doctor was based on a sliding scale. I got free birth control and exams all of the time. No aid for me. Nobody ever brought that to my attention. We cannot do that anymore. If we do not have insurance and we are not eligible for an exemption, we get fined.

Additionally, he justified the high cost at the doctors office. They are charging more money each year. Want to test for STDs? It is $100 for the visit and $100 per test. Per test! They are overcharging for emergency room visits and urgent care. Urgent care doesn’t even count as a doctors office and they cannot be sued if their is malpractice involved. It is virtually impossible to speak to someone about  malpractice! It took me three months to get information on how to sue the hospital. The ACA gave doctors a shield and everyone reverts to attacking insurance companies when they are not the ones providing the care!

Oh, those additional jobs that Obama supporters are so giddy about?  Did you fail to notice that he was on a tangent about making a “living wage?” Yeah, those new jobs are minimum wage. Most of those jobs are seasonal. A majority of this is in right to work states. Right to work does not mean you have rights; it means the employers have more rights than you do. This is what unions are for and many states and companies (like Walmart) are anti-union. Which means that the living wage law will not  be obeyed.

To make things more complicated and worse, we have student loan debt that has exceeded credit card debt and it keeps climbing. Even if the living wage did apply, it would not be enough to pay this “good debt.”

Sure, the president is making it easier to pay this. What everyone does not pay attention to is the fact that the student loan interest rate increases at a staggering rate every summer. Ultimately, we will be paying for this loan for the rest of our life. That is not the only problem. President Obama scammed us once more in this situation.

You see, there was a time when only a few people were attending college. There really isn’t any reason to because there are no jobs or enough jobs to help pay for a higher education. Here comes Hilary Clinton and President Obama! They tell everyone that they are worth so much more money with a degree. If we are more valuable, I suppose we would be valuable enough for any employer to hire us? Wrong.

What happened after that rhetorical device was launched, everyone and their dog began attending college. Many people had a promise that their loan would be paid for and they would have a job. All of this time, we were going to college for jobs that do not even exist. Jobs that were not even ready or scarce. Jobs that only pay enough to live and not pay for anything else.

People attended college to better their life. A better life means a different and enjoyable job. A better life means  being able to support the family and keep a roof over our head. We cannot do that.

To top this off, for-profit colleges took advantage of this. These money hungry scam artists attacked Americans. I am sure that the agents were trying to meet some aggressive stats and that was why they used aggressive enrollment tactics. They called and called and called until the victim gave in just so they would not receive any more phone calls. Nobody ever thought to press charges for stalking or even change their number. These are the most expensive colleges and the easiest ones to enroll in. They are called for-profit because they make money off of your failure. You fail class, they make bank. You drop out, they make bank. You default on your loan, they make bank. The president does nothing because he is so obsessed with us needing a higher education for make believe jobs or the minimum jobs that he created.

Now that we have an education, politicians are angry with us speaking up. We are smarter, we know exactly what to say. This is why I am speaking up to you, Canada. You do not want President Obama. He is arrogant and steps over the line. He dictates and tells people that we are going to follow his rules because he is the president. If I remember correct, everyone needs to work together on certain decisions. We cannot do it with some arrogant pig who keeps beating his chest to the beat of his own drum. You do not want this. He truly made a mess out of America and continues to make them, which is why I would not wish this on you.


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