The Importance of Voting

I was listening to Amy Goodman on the radio and she was interviewing a man who was explaining why he will not vote. I have always agreed that we do not want to encourage stupid politicians, which voting for them will. Obama promised a change and we got the worst change ever.

I would not vote, but I registered to vote when Obama was running for president. I did not want Captain George Bush III (McCain) to win. I vote because I hope that things will change for the better. I vote because I hope that someone wants the same rights as I do.

Take Idaho for instance, this state has proven that we are a bunch of bigoted bullies. I grew up being bullied. I grew up being medicated while teachers got away with being unprofessional.  I believe in the right to own guns, but I do not have one. I grew up knowing that people in the medical profession and the authorities cannot be trusted. I’m a straight, white Idahoan woman.

If someone cannot be trusted with a pocketbook, they should not be trusted with our government. Just like Bujak. I figured that about 5% of Idaho would vote for him, given that people here are actually smart and remembered what happened and why Bujak is bad for Idaho’s dismal economy. People say that people make mistakes. Well, one financial accusation after another is quite sketchy don’t you think?

Then we have good ol’ Butch Otter. He spent millions of our tax money fighting against gay marriage. I for one don’t care if a same sex couple gets married. If you are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage, maybe we should try making strict laws on dating websites so married people can stop using them to cheat on their spouse. Because there are more women than men here, I think I deserve a fair chance at marriage. I would rather have a wife and believe me I tried to date men, but they do not want a commitment.

Needless to say, he wasted our money being a bigot. Additionally, he turned out to be a bully as well. Right when gays were at the steps of the courthouse to get married, Otter put an emergency stop on gay marriage. Who do you think you are? You already wasted our money and now you are trying to stop something that is already legal?

I see Otter as a dangerous character because he fights tooth and nail just to break federal law. This is a sign that he could care less about the constitution or our rights as Americans. This is someone representing Idaho? He isn’t speaking or representing me.

So, I voted because he needed to leave. I was not surprised this bigot won because of the way people are here. It makes me wonder though how many people actually did turn up to vote and how many people fighting to have gay marriage voted. If you don’t vote you really have no rights.

I don’t understand people anymore when it comes to voting. Most people had a fit when they had to present identification to vote. Some people turned it into some racial conspiracy. I was asked to give my identification when I was voting. Why would needing your identification turn into Jim Crow?

Back in the day, somehow, politicians had dead people voting for them. We really do not need that to be happening again, do we? I can see one reason why you need to identify yourself when you vote. Oh, did you forget already about the increase in fraud and identity theft? Yeah, without identification someone could very well be voting for you and voting for someone you do not like.

As a woman and a middle class person, I vote. Women went through a ton of hardship just so we can vote today. Before Democracy, only rich white men could vote. If you do not vote and are not voting, you are taking so much for granted.


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