Shameless Buttplug

I am incredibly amused with people these days. We have gotten to the point where we are saying if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. I for one love toys and action figures. I admit that I am a geek.

Someone had filed a petition to remove Breaking Bad action figures from Toys R Us. Why this store intended for children has a toy like this is way beyond me. Yeah, I can probably get Batman and GI Joe, but something that offends people?

Offensive toys can be found anywhere. There is a stuffed chihuahua who laughs and humps legs. There are Jesus and nun action figures. Where do I find this stuff? There once was a place called Spencer’s that carried this stuff. I don’t know if they are still in the mall, but the store that I think is Spencer’s also sells dildos. Go ahead and look; they are toward the back on the right. I find stuff like this at The Record Exchange, Hastings, and Dragonfly. This is where Breaking Bad toys belong.

Some people argue that you shouldn’t be letting a child alone in a toy store. I don’t think this is what the petition is all about. This is about a toy that is offensive and it is in the same building as children. Okay, who here knows that it is against the law to have pornography in the same area as a school? Ever wonder why video stores are nowhere near a school?

I think that people who are in support of Breaking Bad toys in Toys R Us are funny. If you don’t like it do not get it for your children is the main and only rebuttal these people have. It’s not real drugs they say. Why would you want them to pretend they are making meth? I thought that the objective of toys is to learn about occupations and how to think. Why do we encourage children to play, I ask you.

I wonder what people would think if Toys R Us started selling sexual aids. What would you think if you could go to Toys R Us for a vibrator or anal beads? What if they started selling books and magazines of a sexual nature? Will you still be arguing then when a parent creates a petition to remove Fifty Shades of Grey from Toys R Us? People we have stores for stuff like that. Just like we have stores for Breaking Bad action figures.

I support the parent who created the petition. There is a time and place for things that are offensive and it is not a place where there are children. Where is that petition, I am ready to sign it.


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