Karma, Bitch

Doctors and nurses are supposed to take care of patients. Whatever happened to this concept? You go to the hospital when you are sick and they are supposed to take care of you. Are they in that much of a hurry?

A man from Africa goes to the hospital with symptoms of Ebola. Everyone in this country is aware of Ebola. We know it is spreading like a wildfire in Africa. Yet, they release him from the hospital. Why? He goes to the hospital again. We are still fully aware of how dangerous Ebola is yet, they release him anyway. It didn’t matter to the hospital in Dallas that he was already there with symptoms.

In these times when he should have been in the hospital, he made contact with people. He was out and about putting everyone at risk because a hospital in Dallas was being irresponsible. Someone said that CDC was on top of Ebola in Africa…where were they when this was happening in Dallas?

So, the individual makes it to the hospital a third time. His condition worsens and he died. At this point, we start checking people for symptoms at the airport. It’s all fun and games until someone is hurt isn’t it? Remember 9/11? Airports were slacking off until that tragic event. How come we are not taking precautions to prevent anything from happening?

You would think that after the incident with the syringe , security would be high. Did you already forget the guard at the airport in Africa? He had to be put in isolation? Yep, you forgot.

Now, we have two nurses who tested positive for Ebola. You fucking idiots are blaming the government and Obama. Yes, you fucking idiots…I cannot emphasize that enough. As much as they think they do, politicians do not provide healthcare…thank fucking god!! It’s already a political mess no thanks to the health reform and I cannot wait until we have another president. Why the hell should you be fined for not having insurance? Why can’t people opt whether or not to have insurance? If we don’t want people to go into debt because of health care, we shouldn’t force people to pay high prices for premiums. Do something about healthcare providers charging too much money. This is the only thing we should be getting on the presidents case…that and the student loan debt that was caused by his rhetoric.

Instead of playing the blame game, we really need to focus on what we are going to do about the situation. If we don’t, the Ebola problem is going to get worse. By the time you notice other people dead on the street, it will be too late.


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