Under Our Noses

For some time I have been watching and reading the affairs of the Middle East. After 9/11, I have been watching videos about people who have been traveling over to be part of terrorist groups. Needless to say, I am not really surprised about what is happening now. People are just too ignorant to notice.

As I watched these videos, it made me wonder why. I saw a report on CNN about how people from places like Minnesota and the UK are joining ISIS because they have the same appeal as gangs. I honestly think there is something more to it than that and more complicated. We have gangs here. I think I mentioned before that ISIS looks just like a bunch of gang members. I saw it in the footage when they were driving up the highway shooting all of the drivers. Why would you do anything like that?

It makes me wonder how many people have accumulated to make such a beast for the past 13 years. How many people are native to the Middle East who are part of the group? Are there more Americans than anyone else in the group?

It comes to show that if we ignore something it will not go away. This is an issue that has been happening right in front of us the entire time. It makes us look bad. It makes us look like terrorists. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for once.

It almost looks like the racist pieces of crap that hate Arabs here in America went to the Middle East to get vengeance. This was like the battle that we went into against Arabs. It’s not in the name of religion at all. Mass murders and cruelty to innocent people is immoral. ISIS has no morals or remorse.

I feel like we went over and took advantage of this culture that had already been tortured by other assholes that think that nobody should live in peace. This is a culture that can easily be manipulated. Just like any abused soul in America. Cults have came and gone and they typically ended up in a mass suicide. People who went through a hardship, lack education, and have a low literacy rate join groups such as this.

I think what we should be doing is paying attention to what is going on because this would have stopped a problem dead in it’s tracks. It’s not like it was a surprise, we knew this was happening all along. I know what we were thinking. We were thinking that this was not true. Think about it, how many online sources cannot distinguish the difference between fact and fiction?


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