Lack of Professionalism

    Back in 2007, I went to the emergency room for a kidney stone. There were options, but I never did them. Why? Because I discovered that urologists are unprofessional and childish. So, I did not go through any surgeries. Some of the stones passed and some did not.

     When I went in for the follow up, the doctor gave me samples of Flomax. You see, doctors are out there to make a sale. They don’t care of something is harmful. They are just trying to make a quick buck. Flomax is for prostates. Typically, women do not have prostates. If it is for men, it does not belong in a woman’s body. Would you give a man birth control that is designed for women? Uh yeah, I didn’t think so.

     When he gave me the Flomax, another doctor who was passing by looked at him in total shock. That should have been a red flag. When I took the drug, everyone sounded like they were under water. My head felt as though it was going to pop. By the end of the day, I got very very sick. I quit taking it.

     Urologists seem to obsessed with giving everyone Flomax. They claim it makes it easier to pass kidney stones and blah, blah, blah. Recently, I complained to another doctor about this and he agreed. He told me that there was a study on Flomax and it has really nasty side effects on both men and women. Sounds like I will be keeping an eye out for a class action lawsuit.

     Back in August, I ended up in the emergency room again. One of the kidney stones had grown into an 8 mm problem. That wasn’t the problem though. The doctors at four different hospitals were the problem.

     For a few years, I have had urinary tract infections. They have been worse then ever before because of the kidney stones. So, I went to Primary Health on Caldwell Blvd. I asked, “Can you help me with a kidney stone issue? My back hurts.” The receptionist said yes and I waited for a doctor.

     When I went in, the doctor was in briefly. It was close to closing time and he was obviously in a hurry. He said, while poking my back, “It can’t possibly be your kidneys. The pain would be up here (pokes upper back) and not down here.” Hello? It was in the flank, you uneducated quack. He prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI and submitted electronically to a Walmart pharmacy.

    I went to one Walmart, they told me it was not in any of their systems. I tried calling Primary Health back and got the after hours people. I told them that the pharmacy cannot find my prescription. She said in a snotty tone, “You need to wait until they open in the morning.” Why should I wait until the morning for a prescription? They should be able to look and see where the prescription was sent. The lady at Primary Health continued to cut me off and yell at me. Why do these people even have a job? Primary Health should not be answering the phone after hours if they cannot do anything.

     So, I found the prescription at the other Walmart. Primary Health kept on yelling at me after I called to place a complaint. According to Primary Health, supposedly the order was a success at 8:03pm. Really? I got there at about 8:30 pm and the other location just before 9:00pm. So, it is both Primary Health’s and Walmart’s fault I was running around getting more and more upset. While I was running around, I became worried. The doctor was in a hurry and clearly did not listen to a word I said.

     I went to the ER at St. Alphonsus on Garrity about 20 after 9pm.  The first person told me that they suddenly busy and that I will have to be patient. I already told them it was a kidney stone. They ignored me. They refused to give me any water or pain medication until they knew for sure I was not pregnant. I told them I was not. Maybe pregnant with a kidney stone, ya idiots.

     They finally found the stone and started to hydrate via IV. They told me that I may need to stay the night, much to my protest. They were not taking good care of me anyway. Occasionally, I heard them horsing around in the hallway. Busy? I had called them twice and it took them 45 minutes to an hour to respond to me. I was thirsty and in pain. I thought I heard the IV dripping and it felt wet.

     One nurse came in to give me water on a minty sponge, I asked her if they gave me anything for pain. She said she will check. 45 minutes later, NOBODY came back. That was when I rang another time. Another nurse came in to check the IV. He started telling me about the stone and that I need to stay. I started crying. He shook the arm that had the IV, “Hey, you need to calm down!”

     One doctor came in and he was shocked, “How did you know it was a kidney stone?” Do they not have an information system with my history? Am I not supposed to know? Why is that so shocking? For all he knew I had an education. Oh wait, I do! One of my courses gave me insight on the medical field!! I told him that this happened to me before. Strangely, when quality called me back she had the history from when it happened in 2007.

     Finally, at about 3:00 am, another nurse came and gave me something for pain. They transported me to the 12th street location at about 4:00 am because they did not have clearance for surgery. Things were okay until they surgery around noon. My mother came to the rescue in the morning and she convinced them to give me a surgery right away so I could leave.

     Of course, I had some papers to sign. They brought me to OR and a man came in with a paper on a clip board. I signed it. A female stormed into the room a few minutes later, “Is there any reason why you refused to sign the papers?” I told her someone came in and I signed the papers. She stormed out of the room. I look at my mother, “That was a loaded question.” She came back in and I finished signing the papers.

     The operation went well. The only thing that was explained to me was to be concerned if I feel pain again and see blood. As I was getting ready to go I ask the nurse what would happen if I did not see a stone. She said she will check. She left to go ask the doctor. My mother was not in the room when the nurse came back. The nurse said in a cheery tone, “They got the stone!”

     Mom came back and she was talking about possibly needing a surgery. I told her that the nurse told me that they got the stone. Mom checked with another nurse who was taking care of me since I got there. The nurse confirmed that they got the stone and that I will need to come in for a follow up.

     The day after, at about 1 AM, I saw that I could not see my ankles. I was not in pain and I could breathe. I was told I could call with any questions. So, I did and I regretted it. I asked to speak with a doctor.

     Switchboard argued with me, “Do you know who? Do you know which department? How come you want to speak to them?” I answered the same questions about three times. Her voice sounded like she was not educated. I was getting pissed. I hung up on her and tried calling the doctor. I called some guy who transferred me to the surgeon’s voice mail. He called back and he was an arrogant prick who was not listening. I asked him if he knew what was going on because I could not see my ankles. He snickered, “I don’t understand.”

     I called the doctor who helped me when I got to 12th st and her voice mail said to ask for a hospitalist. I called switchboard again and asked for a hospitalist, she started asking the same questions again and refused. I asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold and she came back, “I can refer you to the pharmacy…” I cut her off, “I asked for a supervisor. I don’t want to talk to you anymore, is that okay?”

    I was transferred to the bitchiest supervisor I had ever spoken to. I explained that doctors voice mail referred me to them. She kept on cutting me off just to yell at me. “We have to ask questions.” But, over and over and over? Really? Every time I tried to speak, she cut me off, “You might be having an allergic reaction, you should come into ER.” But, I could breath and I was trying to ask if this was normal. So, I go to ER and I was upset and even more pain because I didn’t take my pain medication. She said it may be a reaction, right?

    I called switchboard again, “I don’t need to go to ER. If I have to go into ER, YOU are going to be in deep trouble.”

    The lady, “I had transferred you and referred you, what else am I supposed to do?” Get me to the hospitalist as I requested in the first place!! She proceeded to cut me off and yell at me like her supervisor did. I yelled at her for refusing me to send me anywhere and I will take it to the press. She said, “Sorry, you feel that way.”

     I was in the lobby yelling at this individual and security began floating around the receptionists. I blew a fuse, “When you say, sorry I feel that way, you are telling me that I am wrong. I am not wrong. I called the doctor and I was referred to call you people…” By that time the call was lost. I was in hysterics. I spoke with the receptionist and she gave me a card for the quality department and she checked me in to ER.

    I realized a few things about why things like this happen at the hospital. The nurse told me that I was swollen because of all of the saline solution. Another doctor came and said the same thing, he was shocked to hear that the operation was just the other day. The nurse came back and was telling me how people forget the first 24 hours when they have surgery. This explains why people treat you like shit, they think you will forget. I am sorry, but I do not have Alzheimer and nobody gave me anything for pain for several hours.

   So, two weeks later I go in for a follow up at the Urological Institution in Meridian to have the stint removed. The nurse came in and said, “So, you’re here to have a stone removed?” I was floored, I had been lied to. I was not prepared to hear any of this and I was done listening. I told her that I was told otherwise. I was sitting waiting for the doctor and my emotions festered. I stand up and look out the door, “Is there someone I can talk to because I do not know what is going on.” The Dr. Dawn King was there and she came into the room.

     She ignored the fact that I was angry and needed to talk about something else. I asked her, “Is there anyone I can talk to who is above the surgeon.” She was clearly getting pissed at me.

     She bites me head off, “Who told you that the stone was removed.” As I was telling her the nurse went to ask, she bit my head off again, “WHO TOLD YOU?” I said the nurse. She got a snarky look on her face, “Well, it’s the nurses fault!”

    She continues to yell at me, “If they had gotten the kidney stone it would have caused..”

    I bit her head off, “I know because this was already explained. She went and checked. Nobody told me what was going on. I was lied to.”

   Dr. King, getting into my face, “HEY!! I was not the one who put the stone there!!” Really? She is placing all blame on me when I have a complaint. She is not in any position to judge me, my life, and my past and be disrespectful about it. This problem was from when I was 29 years old. Fuck you, you fucking bitch! I was suddenly reminded of why I never got this taken care of in the first place.

    Me, feeling confrontational at this point, “WHO is your supervisor? I want to speak to your supervisor!”

    Dr. King arrogantly stated, “I own this place.”

    Me, “You do not need to talk to me like that!”

    Dr. King, “You started it.”

   I was getting fed up with her childish behavior and argument. So, I immediately dug my camera out of my purse and began to film her. She sat back down at the computer and stopped arguing with me quite quickly. So, I guess I need to videotape whenever I am at the doctors office. This is too absurd. She left the office for a moment. I started to make some phone calls.

     She came back in and sat at her computer acting like nothing had happened. I was speaking to my mother letting her know what happened.

    Dr. King, “Who are you speaking to?”

    Me, “None of your business.”

    Dr. King, “Maybe you can give me the phone and I can talk to them.” Ha, over my dead body. “Maybe I need to assign you a different doctor.”

    In the bitchiest tone I said, “Thank-youuuu.”

    Another nurse came to move me to a different room. At this point, I am screaming my head off. I want to talk to a supervisor now!!! The new doctor and a manager came into the new room. I was in their faces complaining about Dr. King’s childish attitude. The manager was clearly a little frightened at my yelling.

     As the new doctor was giving me my options, my mind was blank. I could not listen to her. I already put up with the crap from Primary Health and St. Alphonsus, now I am putting up with a doctor who put her nose where it did not belong to justify malpractice. I started crying, I was not ready for any of this and I could not bear to listen anymore. She tried really hard to empathize, which I really appreciated. But, everyone else ruined everything.

     I just wanted to write this in case anything happened to me Friday when I go in for surgery once more. I had to put up with so much crap. I cannot trust anyone to be competent. There is not anyone that can convince me of this. I do not have anyone to go tell. So, I will tell all of you. This is what happened when nobody was looking.


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