It’s The U.N! It’s The President! It’s Superman!

Human beings, you are more lazy than I had thought. All we started to do is industrialize and it’s been downhill from there. Then you protest to make leaders take action. Why is that?

I watched the speech that Leonardo DiCaprio gave. Started out really well. He had some strong points to make. He lost me when he started telling the UN that they are playing real roles and they can take real action. Leo, don’t you live on this planet to? You may play fictional roles, but you are still a human being. Or did you forget and think you are a fictional character?

I remember when the radio played a commercial about recycling. In the commercial, people were making excuses. One individual stated, “I am just one person.” Yep, and we took that excuse to the limit and now we are looking at the president for something to do. I will tell you how to resolve the issue. Get off your fat, lazy ass and start taking care of the environment. Yes, you! Stop making excuses. Put down that protest sign and get to work.

Why are we taking it as far as protesting anyway? It is wasting time. All we have been doing is wasting time and now it is too late. The ground is crumbling and cars are falling into rivers and there are sinkholes everywhere. The weather has been more extreme than normal (I honestly think it has something to do with Fukushima). We have more fires and more flooding. What is it going to take to make you notice that what we have done has screwed up our only home?

Enforcing laws and doing for cash for clunkers is not going to do any good. Cash for clunkers was a huge failure. People took advantage of that. How many more environmentally friendly cars do you see since then? The same.

The city of Nampa has imposed a law that we are required to have a recycling bin. At first it was optional. In the beginning, I used it. The only problem is the fact that nobody else in the house did. It became pretty pointless.

One day, Nampa decided to put a blue garbage can onto every yard. I was thinking, hey something bigger to put my cans and stuff into. You don’t even need to sort it! The wicked politicians of Nampa decided to increase the utility bill and charge whether you use the recycle bin or not. I put my paper, plastic, and aluminum into it and place it out in the alley every other week.

Do I think it is making a difference? No. As many times as I tell my room mate to put things into the recycle bin, she still throws everything (and I mean everything) into the garbage can. Why do you suppose we do this? People do not care. People are living on this planet as though we have another one to go to. Yeah, protest away….we don’t give a shit.

I honestly think it is embedded into our brains that we must waste as much as we possibly can. I read a report once that the stress from tragedy our ancestors suffered are passed from generation to generation. I think the same thing about our belligerence. We wasted as many resources as possible during the age of industrialization. If this doesn’t make anything occur to you, maybe another thing I realize might. We used to make really huge cars and we made them to waste as much fuel as possible. These cars are gas hogs and are probably emit more pollution than the newer cars do.

The UN is not going to be able to do anything. The president is a human, so he can’t do anything. Leonardo DiCaprio evidently isn’t going to do anything because he thinks he is not real. Protesting is not helping anything. Laws do not make anyone take action. This is a team effort. We are all on the same planet. This crap is going to kill our future generation and they will resent us more than you will ever know. We need to work together to take care of our home.


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