Death is Hereditary

Ebola, we sent the military to Africa to fight against a disease? What is next? We are going to send them to fight the volcanoes in Hawaii. G.I. Joe vs. the volcano. People are bitching about us not setting our feet down to fight against ISIL. Is this world ass backwards or what?

I have mixed feelings about sending more Americans anywhere. We have been doing it since the first world war. We just can’t butt out. Doesn’t anyone realize that we make things that much worse? What in the world can the military do about an epidemic? They are not doctors. Heh, the doctors are even getting sick. Then they send the doctors back home. What could possibly go wrong??? One false move people. One false move and other doctors caring for that sick doctor will get sick. They will get friends and family sick.

It seems that there was a story that slipped through the cracks when nobody was looking. I thought there was a report about someone in Africa sticking a security guard with a needle and boarding a plane. The security guard was quarantined because they didn’t know if the needle contained Ebola. Think of this happening and the guy made it to America.

I can understand why we would send the military to Africa. Someone said that they are there to make sure the medical supplies are not stolen. Perhaps, but you have to realize that social unrest has escalated. We are dealing with a culture that deals with death and illness in a way that can easily make an epidemic worse. What do you think happens when something happens when tradition is taken away? What do you think will happen when you are losing loved ones over something you have no control over? People get paranoid and irrational. Does anyone remember what happened when we first learned of AIDS? People were afraid. People were placing blame.

Just think about what is happening right now with terrorist groups. They get closer to Ebola, they may try to spread it further. Yep, we need the military over there. It is possible that this may bring an Ebola outbreak to America.

What else do you think we should do? We don’t have anyone to support anyone because we are living beyond our means. We are broke because some jackass told us we would be worth so much more money with a degree. We are broke because there are no jobs to support that and the gas prices went to high. We are broke because some stupid piece of shit decided to penalize us for not enrolling in insurance and not getting on the doctors cases for charging too much for medical care. Volunteer? It looks like volunteering has turned into a sticky situation, I think I will pass.


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