How Rude

I wrote about plate profiling about a couple of months ago. Just a couple of days ago, I saw numerous news channels post something about Idaho. For some reason, people are surprised.

Some bias idiot created a survey asking which state has the rudest drivers. Of course, Idaho made it on the list on the rudest drivers in the nation. Why am I not surprised?

For starters, human beings are being hit by drivers on a regular basis. It is not just complete morons darting out in front of cars when the sun is in your eyes. I’m not just talking the idiot children that were never taught to look both ways before crossing the street. I am talking about the belligerent drivers who do not give a damn if there is someone on a bike or crossing the road. They are biased of people who ride bicycles. I don’t even know why, but they are.

When I lived downtown Boise a few years ago, I noticed that that area of Boise has the worst road rage. They tailgate people who are driving in the hills. They will tailgate you when they are pissed at how you are driving. Why in the hell can’t you just go around, ya prick? In fact, someone got really pissed off when my car broke down at a four way stop.

The drivers will get in your face for no apparent reason. There was someone driving a white pickup who cut me off and decided to not let me change lanes. The individual kept slamming on his brakes every moment he had. He proceeded to stalk me clear to Albertsons and sped off when he saw I was calling the police. This was on a Sunday morning when there is hardly any traffic at all.

To add onto the reports on the survey, The Idaho Statesman decided to go on a tangent and fuel Idaho’s hatred for Canyon County and Californians. They asked, do you think it is because of the transplants? Wow, really? The Idaho Statesman not only proved Idaho profiles plates, they also proved that they have a lazy editor. Lo and behold, a ton of Idahoans went on a tangent on how bad people drive in Canyon County. They blasted Californians and in an Idahoans book everyone from another state is automatically from California.

I am not surprised that we were voted the worst drivers in the nation. Maybe it is a sign that people need to take a chill pill when driving or don’t drive at all.


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