And So it Begins

I saw it coming, but not like this. I actually expected teachers to go on a shooting rampage because many of them are unstable. Idaho made this decision to arm instructors on college campuses. Why, I would never really know. All I know is that it is a dumb idea to begin with. People say that with military training, blah, blah, blah. I say, what difference does it make?

For example, there was a girl who accidently shot the instructor on a shooting range in Arizona. Vacca, who was a veteran, gave an Uzi to a child. A child is too weak to handle such a weapon, but he gave it to her anyway. Yes, he was there to support her. It’s like the Darwin Awards.  She unwittingly shot the instructor. Your argument, sir, is invalid. It does not make a difference whether someone has had combat training or not. Stupid crap like this happens no matter what you do or who you are.

Good old Pocatello. The place where there was a professor who created an exhibit arguing that Big Foot is real. I thought the person who created Big Foot passed away a few years ago. Pocatello is full of fruit loops and they armed them anyway. So, a professor shot himself in the foot in a chemistry class. Hmm, chemistry…a great place for a gun to go off.

Then a few days after that, a gun was accidently shot in the  rest room at Westbrook Elementary School in Utah. An elementary school! How many accidents must happen until a student is shot? How many accidents must happen before we understand that arming teachers was a stupid idea?  We are conveying a message to children that we are fearful and paranoid and that this behavior is okay. Really, what do they think about people acting out childishly toward the authorities and police brutality? We are the ones in charge and we are setting a poor example. Who is going to protect them from teachers? Who is going to protect them from idiots?

You can place as many retired veterans around the entire parameter of a school and the children are still unsafe. Sure, the veterans are all for loving their country and the children in it, but that does not change the fact that they can be just as unstable as a teacher or police officer. In case you have forgotten, most of the teachers are retired veterans.  Like I said, what difference does it make? It doesn’t matter. I am all for hiring veterans, but there will need to be a serious mental evaluation.

How come we do not try something different? We need to start teaching children that guns are not the solution. We need to teach them how dangerous weapons are. We need to teach children to respect other. You have every right what to teach your child, but teaching respect and responsibility should be on the agenda. Everyone needs to work together. What do you think a human being will grow up to be if he or she was never taught how to be kind? Maybe we should start teaching peace and tolerance for once.


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