Flipping Burgers For the Rest of Your Life

     I for one am all for raising wages. For fast food? No, $15 an hour to work at a fast food joint is unacceptable. I am speaking as a person with various work experience (including fast food), a college degree, and one who lives in a right to work state.

     If you work full time, you should not have to be poor. Your argument is invalid if you are talking about a fast food job. Those jobs are not full time. They are part time. I have worked for Good Times, Lulu’s Fine Pizza, and Pizza Pipeline and those are not full time and they certainly do not merit a wage that you would think you need a degree for.

     I do not work at fast food restaurants because I would not work enough hours. I do not want to be flipping burgers for the rest of my life. No way, no how. That is a dead end, my friend. Jobs are scarce in the state of Idaho and the corporate monster has taken over Eagle Road with various minimum wage jobs. You must work at different locations in order to work full time.

     What we need to do is start adding jobs to the market that makes the degree worth it. I heard on the news today that more jobs were added on the market. I am willing to bet that they are either minimum wage or seasonal job. We will know for sure when October comes along.

     Why should someone working at a part time job make more money than me? I am a customer service representative at a call center and worked my ass off for a degree. Why should they make more than someone who has a real job? Fast food is not a career. Why make creating cheesy jobs valid by giving them a raise? We need real jobs; we don’t need to be giving someone at McDonald’s a raise. By giving them a raise, it is making it okay.

     Besides, people walking off the job at fast food restaurants is a blessing in disguise. We wouldn’t have anywhere to go to stuff a hamburger in our faces. We would have no choice, but make our own food and live healthier Really, boohoo. Oh no, whatever are we going to do with less obesity?


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