The Example

     Police brutality…there is plenty that has been said for some time. The problem is that there are no right or wrong answers. Why can’t we look to common sense and start terminating those who are causing so much trouble?

     Bill Maher said quite a bit and was correct. You give someone military equipment and they are going to act that way. Look at Zimmerman and he was not a cop. He was someone who decided to not mind his own business about a child who was high, stalked him, and shot the child. Zimmerman was not a cop, he was neighborhood watch. This is the exact reason why it is a bad idea to arm a teacher in a school. We are not at war here on American soil, leave the military equipment on base or on the battlefield.

     One thing I would like to mention, not only do police need to protect us they also need to protect themselves. Does anyone recall a video of a female police office being attacked by a large dog? Probably not, it was about 20 some odd years ago. Cops have been killed on the job. We won’t have much protection if all of the cops are killed would we?

     I love the comments stating that with proper training the police can use the military equipment. Has anyone stopped to think that some of these cops have had military training? I don’t understand why people have this opinion that if someone is trained that he or she will be capable of handling the equipment meant for combat. Have you seen what people in the military do? Let me remind you of the ones that have gone into camps and killed civilians. Let me remind you of the ones that think it is okay to beat and rape women and men. What makes you think the maturity level will change? People in the military are trained in an environment where it is okay to behave like this. Are you really that stupid? 

     I do not think that police brutality is justified by any means. I also believe that it is not justified to act like a child throwing a temper tantrum and acting like a drama queen when you are in the presence of an officer. There are times I wish I was the one smacking that moron upside the head who has the camera in a police officer’s face. No it is not illegal to film a cop, but don’t you think you are putting yourself in danger or causing an obstruction at a crime scene? 

     There are times when I think that the cop should have struck someone. You hit a cop you better expect one to hit you right back. Really, stop screaming at the officer. Remain calm because what you say and what you do can be used against you in the court of law. There are times when a cop should have kept their hands off someone. Like a homeless person sleeping on the street….yeah, you do not taze them when they are not a threat. 


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