What Should Become of Dickeys?


   I believe that a lesson must be learned from Dickey’s. We need to teach this entire country to pull its head out of its ass. I can imagine how inconvenient and frightening the situation is for the couple in Utah. Twice in my life, I have encountered salmonella poisoning and it was because someone working at the restaurant was being incredibly stupid.

     When I was in elementary school, I got food poisoning from chicken nuggets at McDonald’s. In addition to this, my father as also sick because he was there eating with me. 

     Does anyone remember the food poisoning incident at Jack in The Box? How could we forget that? Many people across America got sick from that incident.

     We really should be avoiding restaurants and start forming healthier eating habits. Eating out is not good for you and is contributing to the obesity problem in this country. Additionally, the people who work at them don’t give a shit about you and will make you sick. If you do eat out, PAY ATTENTION.

     When I started my new job, I had salmonella poisoning my first day. I know it came from Blimpies and nothing was done about it. I should have left as soon as I entered the establishment. There was a mop bucket in the middle of the floor and it was a total disaster area. The employees were acting unprofessional and like they did not want to be there. This is stuff you must be mindful of or face the consequences of a large emergency room bill. 

     The other thing to keep in mind is that even though there is an outbreak (and there was a salmonella outbreak at the time) nothing will be done about it. The government will waste time and money investigating the outbreak, but nothing happens.

     It has nothing to do with wage. It has plenty to do with irresponsibility and lack of professionalism and leadership. What about all of the countless pictures and videos posted on social media? People are licking and pissing on food and drinks. These are the people who are serving us. Why the hell should they get a raise? All companies in general need to start focusing on people who are not doing their job or face the consequences. Restaurant or not, bad employees need to be terminated. If they are not terminated, the company should face a fine or shut down across the board. 

     People should not be bitching about minimum wage in this situation. It really would not make a difference one way or another. Look at Comcast. Call center workers make more than those who work in the fast food industry. Companies such as Comcast, Sears, DirecTv, Dish Network, Verizon, AOL, and Macy’s provide terrible customer service. They transfer you from person to person and deferring ownership. They intentionally give you the wrong information just to get you off of the phone all in the name of handle time. They get a shitty attitude all in the name of stats. These are the type of people who make more than minimum wage. 

     Good customer service should also include how food is handled. Poisoning and killing your customers is not really good customer service, is it? Ultimately, I think that Dickey’s should be shut down across the board. This would mean people losing their jobs and more people looking for employment across America. In a way, we would have a legitimate reason to fire a bunch of people. Maybe, just maybe, people will learn their lesson about following OSHA and providing better service. Getting food poisoning is the most inconvenient and costly thing that can happen to someone. It cost me my job because I missed a day of training. It cost me about $1,000 because I had to go to ER. 



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