Dear Cricket and AT&T

I left Sprint because of their horrible customer service. I left Verizon because they are crooks. I went to Cricket because the service was lower in cost and their are no agreements.
Granted people did warn me about Cricket service. They warned me about how your service constantly drops calls. I got my calls, but nobody could leave a message despite me having a message box. I got all of my texts and I was more successful at sending texts.
In March 2014, my nightmare with Cricket began. I upgraded to a Hydro. I paid for the phone and to activate the phone. I spent $80 upgrading. My monthly bill also increased by $20. It went down by $5 when I signed up for automatic billing. Great.
The Hydro started out fine. I could download as much music as possible and pick up music that was in the air. This phone is a piece of shit and I do not know why I had to pay extra for the service.
EVERYTHING crashed. Google, Facebook, and music player all crashed. I used anything and it crashed. I made sure updates were downloaded on a daily basis. It got to the point where I was resetting the phone several times a day. Each program crashed several times in a row.
I could upload photos just fine. Some of the music would not download. I had a ton of space, yet I had to spend 20 minutes out of my day each time I did something on the Hydro.
Finally, I could not plug my phone into the speakers of the car. The plug in had quit working. Not to mention, the Hydro was not letting me answer my calls! I called to complain, but all your Filipino pieces of shit customer service reps wanted to troubleshoot. You should never have a call center in the Philippines because those motherfuckers do not listen; they are obsessed with the script. Not only is their accent annoying, the pitch of their voice is horrifying! These assholes cannot convey any empathy whatsoever. Why do call centers torture Americans like this? To save money? Fuck you! I don’t give a shit if I sound racist. I, along with many Americans, are sick of talking to people who do not understand us let alone talking to people we do not understand. Fuck equal opportunity! IT IS NOT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IF YOU ARE NOT HIRING ANYONE IN AMERICA!!
That was the final straw. I just upgraded less than four months ago and your reps at the stands were even saying I will need to upgrade my phone. My friends were asking me “How come you don’t upgrade your phone, Jennifer?” I just upgraded it!!!!!
I went to Boost Mobile and got a new phone. Hey Cricket, this is what they do: they only charged me for the month and I got a free phone for switching to Boost Mobile. I only paid $40. I only pay for the phone, not the activation. They also have the Hydro, but I already know it’s a piece of shit so I didn’t get it. Not only that, the service is $15 cheaper than the Cricket smartphone monthly.
What I also discovered was the reason why the Cricket kiosk people were saying I will need to upgrade soon. AT&T is buying them out. I avoid that company like the plague and it sounds like many others do to. Boost is getting a ton of customers because of the buy out.
Needless to say, it sounds like I went back to Sprint. Boost is affiliated with Sprint. What makes this better is the cost and no agreement. The reason I do not want an agreement is because the equipment and customer service is eventually shit and I do not want any part of that when that bullshit happens. Now, dear Cricket, I have a better phone and better service. You can take your company and shove it.


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