Decisions, Decisions

Do I regret voting for that prick of a president? I do not regret my decisions. That is my right as an American. It was either him or that other douche bag. We would have lost either way. President Obama is still an asshole. If he were in my presence, I would tell him he is an asshole. I really don’t think he would notice because he is such an arrogant prick.

The thing with Bergdahl…I could care less either way. People would have been bitching one way or the other. We are going to have another James Joseph Dresnok if people keep bitching about how we traded Taliban douche bags for this douche bag. Really, shut the fuck up. I am tired of hearing about free so and so.

Obama never fails to fuck up our country more than it already is, doesn’t he? If he is going to get into everyone’s business, he really needs to learn to listen. He needs to understand that since he strongly encouraged Americans to get an education, we are going to be intelligent people. We would be worth so much more, he should treat us that way.

People are saying make education more affordable. President Obama seems to think that this means forgive student loans and lower how much you normally pay. America, this piece of shit just buried us.

Do you remember that he tried to justify the increase in interest in student loans? I distinctly remember him stating that there is a price to pay. He encouraged America to wrack up this debt because we would be worth so much more and is making it look okay for the government to give us the shaft by raising interest rates and not doing anything about it.

My student loan payments were supposed to be $88 a month. I was going to pay more. I received my invoice and the payments went down to $66 a month. Hey great..wonderful. If the payments are not going to get us, the interest rates will because they go up every summer. People, my advice is to pay more than what they asking us. They want us to stay in this “good debt,” forever. Do not fall into this trap/



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