Why would you want to?

     A woman about my age had tricked a bunch of gullible people into thinking she was a teenager. She went back to school and even dated a high schooler. My question is, why in the world would someone want to do that? 

      I cannot think of any reason to go back to high school. The things that are happening today is the same as it was back when I was a child. The only difference is social media. 

     A teacher was caught handling a six year old in a violent manner. If only social media existed when I was going to high school. Mrs. Slagel violently jabbed me in the shoulder with her finger when she was pissed off. Nobody did anything about it because I was the student and she was the teacher. Why would you want to go back to high school?

     A teenager was raped at school by another student while the others were in class. All people can question is how come these individuals were not in class. How do they know she wasn’t running late? How do they know she wasn’t cornered by the perpetrator just before the first bell rang?  It almost sounds like they are blaming the victim. Why would you want to go back to school?

     A student was found rolled up in a mat and his death is a mystery. Why go back? School shootings happen more often than anyone knows. There is a possible risk of danger going to school and I do not understand why anyone would want to go back. 

     The latest trend is school lunch is being served and then thrown away. This happened again recently. Isn’t this why you pay before you go in line? For Christ sake, just let the child have their lunch! Do not bully them by throwing their food away in front of their friends. The faculty at every school is nothing but a bunch of assholes who have tenure and they cannot be terminated.

     Not to mention the statutory rape and fraud that this adult woman had committed. How stupid can you be? Why put yourself in this position? This cannot be cheaper than going to college. Hell, if you are so concerned about the cost of college…go to a trade school. 


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