Look Both Ways

     It is that time of year again where bicyclists are being struck by cars. As a pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver I can see this issue from different angles. I think it is a combination of nature and being ignorant. 

     Do they teach children to look both ways anymore? On most streets, I see children walk across the street without even looking first. For all they know, the sun is in the driver’s eyes and people are difficult to see when this is happening. I was taught to look for traffic before crossing the street. When I was walking to school, I would get yelled at by drivers for where I was walking on the road. 

     Then there are people who don’t even think about where they are going before they cross the road. For example, people walking in parking lots. I have noticed that there are some people who are indecisive. They stand in front of the store with their feet hanging off the edge of the sidewalk. Then they do this dance. Foot goes out and they start walking. They spin and make it back to the sidewalk. Why in the world do you people do this? 

      Drivers need to be as cautious as the pedestrian. When it comes to drivers, it is as though no humans exist on the street. Why is that? When a motorcyclist is struck, people automatically say that the biker was drunk or high. What do you say when it is a child? How come many drivers are inhumane? You can be charged with vehicular manslaughter; think about that.

     The parking lot is not a race track. Drive slow in school zones. It is not a race. If you are late, maybe you should think about getting up earlier in the morning. If you normally get up early, call your employer and explain that you are running a little late. Oh, and if the sun is out? It is time to invest in a pair of sunglasses if you don’t have any. It is time to start using common sense.


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