2C or Not 2C

     So, you are driving down the I84 and you just so happen to be reading license plates. You see a variety of cars from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and so on. You see different Idaho plates such as 1A, 1G, and 2C. You are thinking something about those Idaho plates and that something is quite negative. 

     Plate profiling has been going on for some time. When I was growing up, I had to listen to people complain about 2C plates. People made fun of Canyon County and probably still do. 

     The common complaint is, “People with 2C plates drive to slow!” I have also heard comments that involve bestiality. So, I began to profile plates. I thought that people with 1G plates are ill tempered people who tailgate.

     What people do not realize is that the person with the 2C or 1G plates might not originally be from Canyon County and Gem County.  As a matter of fact, I was worried about moving to Canyon County for that reason. The concern had nothing to do with gang activity or how many Hispanics lived there. I was afraid people would treat me indifferently on the road while I drove.

     Not too long after moving to Canyon County, I lost my 1A plates. Eventually, I got comfortable with driving after getting my 2C plates. I forgot that people profiled plates until a recent report about how someone was pulled over for having Colorado plates. 

     The police suspected that the person driving the car had marijuana. I am sure that some people are in denial because does this happen to people with Oregon plates? The fact that the driver with Colorado plates was profiled does not surprise me because we have always profiled license plates.


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