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     Idaho is one place I do not want to be because of how bad discrimination is. Idahoans discriminate against motorcyclists and bicyclists. If you are from another state, you are considered a Californian and Idahoans hate Californians. They can fire you from a job regardless of what reason, which means they can discriminate against you. Single parents are discriminated. People from other towns are treated poorly.

     I was 17 when I moved to Boise. Before I moved to Boise, I had an opportunity to drop special education to be with “normal people.” I never dropped it because this was where my friends were. I stayed in special ed because it was my only hope to pass because they gave the students all of the answers to all of the tests. Now you know. 

     In addition, I flunked biology when I was 15 and had to go to summer school. While I was attending summer school, I was attending this class that paid me money as though it were a job. They taught me how to fill out applications and write resumes. They had me conduct a search on colleges, which I was not interested in because of the abuse I endured at school. 

     When I was going to school in the Emmett school district, people bullied me. They called me names and when I did not respond, they beat me up. Teachers and students alike bullied me and I responded by yelling and screaming. This was why I was in special ed and this was why I was placed on medication. 

     That being said, I moved to Boise and faced a new discrimination. They treated me like I was dumb because I was in special education and never spoke to me about dropping the class. I had to listen to my African American teachers talk about the superiority of black people and how much of a minority I was. I witnessed teachers laugh at footage of black people being beat up during riots. I was told verbatim that since I attended school in Emmett that I was only taught how to farm. They tried to convince me to take a class that had the same material as the one I took in summer school. The mental bullying went to the extremes from the entire faculty.

     That being said, Idaho is currently facing a moral dilemma. There are groups of people being arrested for holding a silent protest at the capitol building. They are against discrimination toward gay people. Many states are trying to make it legal for business establishments from discriminating people for his or her sexual preference.

     When it comes to business, who someone sleeps with is none of your business. Your business should only be taking care of the business that your company was established for.

     Why should anti-discrimination rights stop in the bedroom? I thought that everyone here feels the cold sting of discrimination. People face discrimination because of race, faith, and age; you name it. All human beings should be treated equally. The only people we should be focused on are pedophiles, fraudsters, or murderers. While we are nit picking about sexual preference, people are getting away with things that they should be in prison for. 

     During this whole movement the state of Arizona, a place that makes me glad to be in Idaho, surprised me. I remember the laws that they introduced to supposedly deter illegal immigrants (Does anyone remember SB1070?). People were being pulled over left and right for looking Hispanic. Perhaps Brewer learned her lesson about implementing laws that would unwittingly begin a discrimination fiasco.

     She announced the veto against bill SB 1062. The bill gave business owners the right to discriminate homosexuals due to religious grounds. Do they not have enough laws that involve “religious grounds?” They use that excuse toward people who use birth control, which is also none of their business (but not according to HHS, which is another topic). More than likely people are growing weary of this religious garbage and just want to be themselves. 

     What is a religious right anyway? If you tell me I cannot do something because of your religious beliefs, isn’t that discriminating against my religious belief? How do you know I am not a religious person and not interested in what you believe in? 

     Historically, I think we should have learned our lesson by now about discrimination. Mainly, we should have learned that you do not do it. That is the point. Before Democracy, only rich, white men could vote. Many movements later, everyone can vote. We still have gender inequality. We still have Jim Crow knocking at the door in a subtle manner.

     Society, which direction do you want us to go? Every human is equal. There is so much going on right now that indicates that we are going back to the times that it is okay to treat people with indifference. I would like to see us fix our problems in our country first instead of going to another country to tell them how they are supposed to live. I will tell you right now that this is a double standard. I would like to see people here get along for once instead of getting into each others business.

     What someone wants to do in his or her bedroom is really none of our business whether they are straight or gay. If someone is another race, well, there is nothing you can do about that. If someone follows a certain faith, let them, all faiths are awesome. If someone has a disability, don’t tell them what to do. I think it is all about minding your own beeswax unless it is ACTUALLY causing you harm.




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