Public Humiliation

    I thought the Idaho school district sickened me until I heard about an incident happening in Utah. Some people steer away from stories when it comes to the faculty abusing students. Children are not always the ones causing issues at school. Sometimes, the staff are instigating issues at school.

     In case you have not heard, a school in Salt Lake City took meals away from students and threw them away. To make up for the lost meal, they gave a drink and a piece of fruit to the hungry child. In a way, this is conveying a message that they condone bullying in their school. They first give the child a lunch and then take it away in a humiliating fashion? I can envision a larger, older person towering over a small child and threatening to punch them in the stomach for his or her food. The threat is not the case, but the feeling is very similar.

     Even though the lunch bill was not paid, I think that this is neglecting a child. This is child abuse. They humiliate a child just because their parents did not pay the bill. They throw food away when it was already served to them. Why tease the child with food anyway? They are not dogs, they are humans. I wonder if this made them feel any bigger as a person for being so awful to a child?

     Why didn’t they have a person at the front of the lunch line checking to make sure debts were paid first? Why wait until after the food is served to take it away? Why waste food by throwing it away?

     I am glad that this never happened to me. Evidently, the parents were not well informed by the school. When I was going to school, my parents told me when I had to bring my own lunch. Even after that, I was on a school lunch program. The food was garbage and never worth it. Is the food in a Utah school that delicious? Mine never was. In fact, Borah High School rotated the cinnamon buns until they were some strange rubbery goop.

     If I didn’t know any better, I would say that this is lawsuit material. Who in the right mind would do such a thing? Who exactly is behind this heinous action? I think that this proves that the school can and does bully students and they think they can get away with it. I think that Uintah Elementary needs to face a disciplinary action. Maybe next time, they will think ahead before acting out with such cruelty.


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