I Like Make-Up

I don’t always have a chance to wear make-up. When I do, I have a few different favorites that I like to wear. I always face a challenge on what to buy because your skin changes as you age.

Being in your 30’s, you cannot wear the same thing as you did when you were in your twenties. That glitter is no longer fun to wear on your skin. Occasionally, I will see an article in a magazine about what make-up is appropriate for you age. These are few and far between and I think it should be easy to find out what type of make-up is good for me and my skin. So, I honestly do not know what to buy. It’s just like trying to find the right bra; it is never right because that changes as you age as well.

I have become addicted to various brands such as Almay and L’Oreal. Almay created this awesome eye shadow that brings out the color of your eyes. This stuff is amazing! My eyes are hazel and when I wear their Intense I-color, my eyes are an intense shade of gold. I cannot help, but sit there and stare at my eyes after applying the eye shadow.

I have yet to locate a blush that is suitable for me. When it comes to blush and foundation, it enhances the wrinkles on my face. I have read that people my age need make-up with retinol, moisture, and protection from the sun. This creates yet another challenge.

Sheer Cover has “revolutionized” their mineral foundation. I liked the original and I love the new one as well. It still is not the best product for me. The Base Perfector makes my skin turn red. The new mineral foundation smells like dirt and it is kind of rancid. In fact, the mineral foundation makes my face feel dry and is kind of gooey to the touch. My friend says that it makes my skin look really good, but when I am in the light, I can see wrinkles. I am not particularly fond of the mascara by Sheer Cover. The lash extension stuff is not impressive and their mascara has never been water proof.

Speaking of mascara, I noticed it is like shopping for panty hose. When you look at a mascara box, it will say what it does and if it is water proof. I prefer water proof in case I go hot tubbing or boating. That and I think it is good for the lousy weather here. You never know if it is going to rain or snow. Water proof mascara is handy in Idaho.

I still have not found foundation that is right for me. I think that there should be something out there to give me accurate information without trying to sell me a product. I think I may try L’Oreal because I tried their Miracle Blur and I think it is awesome. For now, I will keep shopping around.


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