Normal Business Hours

     I have discovered recently what an inconvenience my new job is. I thought that scheduling at previous jobs were a pain in the ass because I normally never got anything done nor had time to go out and play.

     I have holidays off, but I have to be bed early so I can be up early the following day. I cannot go see a doctor because they are not open before and after work. I cannot go to the DMV to renew anything. I can barely make it to the library and the post office.

     I do not have enough time to date anyone once again. The guy that I like is in another town. I could swing by after work, but I have to get home and take care of things. I have animals to feed. I have a room mate who has her head up her ass that I need to keep an eye on.

    I cannot get things situated. I have been trying to get my W2 figured out since September. Four months later, I finally get it figured out. I can only get this type of information if I ASK FOR A DAY OFF. H&R Block is not open during the weekend. Hiring agencies work the same hours I do. Hewlett Packard is not giving anyone access to this information until next year. Throwing a temper tantrum about the new call center, Hewlett Packard?

     I cannot speak to anyone about my 401K or pension plan. Everyone works the same hours I do. Nobody wants business except for Fidelity, obviously. Financial Planning Services LLC has not called me back after three messages. It has been a little over a week. Everyone else wants $250,000 and gripe about having too many clients. Really? You want someone else’s house to retire for funds that is good enough for a shopping spree at a dollar store each month.

     Then, my employer is wanting people to work overtime? I hardly have enough time as it is and I have to request days off to get petty shit done. Time off I am not paid for. I don’t give a shit about hot dog bars and pop corn bars. I don’t give a shit if we get to do needlework.

     The individual who was sent to beg people to do overtime had the gumption to whine about not being able to see her daughter who she hasn’t seen in months. Can it, lady! I haven’t had time to go Christmas shopping. I do not get paid enough to go Christmas shopping and you make more money than I do and can afford it. I don’t have time to see anyone and I cannot afford to go see anyone. It sure as hell is not helpful making me stay at work for the weekend.

     I don’t want to hear about your trials and tribulations. If I have to hear it from you, you will hear it from me. I have never been married and don’t have children and I am 36. I have been trying to go meet people and I cannot. My social life has been reduced to trying to keep friendships with thieves and liars. I rarely get to see my family and I am starting to forget names of family members. Things fall apart if I do not take time to do anything. My house is already falling apart and I have dogs I am taking care of so I don’t have large vet bills again. Things cannot wait here; I need those days off. So, no I am not working overtime.  


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