A Little Fidelity

     Over the past five years, there were changes that happened that I was unaware of. In the world of retirement funds, they do not tell you what is going on unless you really follow them. You practically must stalk them…my life is too busy for that. I have many responsibilities before I face retirement.

     As far as I know, I had a 401k with DirecTv. They terminated me six months after I purchased my first house. I was terminated for things that were beyond my control and I had no idea what to do. This was around the time the house market crashed and I did not know what that meant to me until after the fact. I heard they were expecting that to happen again in 2016. If it does, I’m foreclosing and leaving this joint. Sick of living where there is no work and no place to go dating anyone.

     So, I had about $10,000 in my 401K. I took it because I was trying to survive and I did not know how long it would be until I found another job. They tax it if you get it before retirement. So, I got $7,000. I was in between jobs for about four months. Two years later, the money was all gone. I kept on receiving letters from DirecTv about benefits still.

     Come to find out, I still had a pension plan. I had no idea I had it and there it sat for five years. I was busy with University of Phoenix and frequent schedule changes. I thought I would have a pension with the new job. After five years of working for Guthy Renker, who is Hewlett Packard’s client, I left. I left because University of Phoenix quit communicating with me and figured out they were not going to make anymore money off of me. I left because I have not seen a raise in over a year and I made more at DirecTv without a degree. I left because Guthy Renker was acting erratically and that means it is time to go when they do that. There was a ton of crap going down. I was a support agent and “looked up to as one” and never treated that way. I was told I did not know how to speak to my customers even though I have been doing this for eight years and have a communications degree. I found a different job and gave Guthy Renker a one day notice; the new job is kind of sporadic and has no plans.

      After five years, there was only $4,000 in the 401K. I thought I had a pension, but there was none there. I went looking around for someone else’s business. Someone other than Fidelity. Fidelity would not tell me anything and tried everything to make me stay…ANYTHING. What the hell are you going to save me with Fidelity? Lies?

     I located someone locally in Idaho and he told me that pensions are no longer offered unless you work for the government. That was something Hewlett Packard or Fidelity could have told me instead of making an effort to give me the run around. Yep, no longer interested in Fidelity. So, the new retirement fund people told me to gather some information.

     Trying to get information from Fidelity is like pulling teeth. They will tell you how good they are and refuse to give you the information you are looking for. This is a sign that this will happen when I reach 65. Not a very good sign and this is what makes Fidelity such a bad company to do business with. They are dishonest.

     So, now I have to go through a little trouble just to get pieces of information that I need to see what I can do with the 401K with Hewlett Packard. I am challenged because I still have not figured out my W2 situation. I work during the week during normal business hours, which means I cannot get this done. Now, I know why I have not done anything with the pension with DirecTv for the past five years.



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