Cease and Desist

     Not very long ago, another police officer shot and killed a dog in Boise. This has consistently been a problem for a few years now. In fact, it is a problem across the nation. In Idaho, people complain that the cops are being too brutal. True, but what about the idiot that left their dog running around in the first place?

     For a while, I have been concerned about the welfare of my four legged friends. Frank, my schnauzer, escapes whenever he notices there is an opening in a fence somewhere. Luckily, he is a passive dog. Unfortunately, he is the dog that everyone wants because he is so awesome. When he runs away, I fear someone may steal or shoot him. That is one reason why I do not like people working on my house when I am not home. The fence is generally left open.

     So, I can understand the challenge of keeping a dog in the yard. Before I moved into my house, I dog proofed the fence. What about places without a fence? The neighbor that I had across the street had a boxer that was always running loose. The fenced area did not have a secure lock to keep the dogs in.

     I would think that if I had a dog that would seem aggressive to others, I would keep it inside while I am gone. I would assume that if I lived in a place that did not have a fence, I would take the dog outside on a leash. I don’t know if Frank might bite. A groomer said he bit her while she was doing his nails. I have witnessed him bite at people who are about to do his nails.

     The recent shooting lead to a litter of puppies without a mother. Mom animals are protective of their babies, why would you let a dog mom run loose? Even though your dog is friendly and plays with children, she is still capable of being aggressive when trying to protect the owner or their offspring. Put your dog on a leash, make sure the fence is secure if you have one, and do not take your dog with you to film a cop for crying out loud (shouldn’t be filming cops anyway). Be a responsible dog owner.

     As far as police officers go, they need to find something else to deter dogs. There are high frequency devices out there that scare dogs. Use pepper spray. Anything but shooting a dog. It makes police look bad. It puts innocent bystanders in danger. Police and dog owners alike need to start using their brains. I do not want to see anymore reports about dogs being shot. It needs to stop.


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