Reasons Not to Shop at Walmart: AKA Walmart Lost Customer

     Walmart has shined this year by showing their true colors that make them non-American. I will not go to Walmart for any reason until they apologize to everyone and change their ways permanently.

     1. They terminate employees for taking care of the customers. A woman was being sexually assaulted and an employee came to the rescue. Per policy at Walmart, employees cannot intervene and must wait for the authorities. In other words, being a good Samaritan is grounds for termination. You are not even allowed to rescue animals trapped in a hot car. (Responsible dog ownership will be the next blog.)

   2. They have anti-union views and have unfair hiring practices. The reason there is a union is to make sure a company minds their manners. Walmart will hire people who do not speak a word of English so they can save money on labor. They do not permit Walmart employees to form a union. The reason why they do not want a union is because they want to continue to treat their employees unfairly.

   3. The food you purchase is already rotten. They overcharge you for food that is not fresh. They make an excuse that it is because the gas prices are increasing. The cost of food is STILL HIGH when the gas prices drop. The plants for sale? They are wilting and they charge between $5 to $20.

   4. The majority of employees steal. I know they caught a room mate of mine when she was stealing clothes from their store and she ended up in jail. Most of the experiences I have had with them stealing was when it was petty and hard to notice. I purchased nail polish and noticed it was not in my groceries. I went back with the receipt and they went ahead and gave me another one. I also noticed a report that circulated that some employees were fraudulently taking money from debit cards. They would use the cash back functionality on the register to steal cash from someone’s card. Thank goodness for self check out.

   5. They keep opening earlier for Black Friday. Every year there is a report that an employee got trampled. Evidently, many customers are inhumane and could care less about a human being who is working for a living. Why have that happen on Thanksgiving Day? It is heartless.

    6. They will not hire honest people. Again, they don’t want anyone reporting their crooked ways. I have applied many times and I was told I was, “high risk.” Now that I think about it, they think I am high risk for being a whistle blower. I also noticed that they hire quite a few child molesters. I am certainly not a child molester either…I guess I wouldn’t fit in.

    7. Walmart cannot keep their personal opinion to themselves. This goes back to when people were trying to restrict birth control for “religious reasons.” There are more women than men in the state of Idaho, which makes it a bad idea. I certainly did not appreciate the OLD SNATCH for calling my name and obnoxiously yelling, “Birth control!” Dear Walmart, it is none of your fucking business.

   Not to worry, I am not going to be your patron anymore. If I am lucky, more people will catch on and quit going to your store as well.


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