Lynch Mob Lynch Mob Rolly Polly Lynch Mob

So, the Latter Day Saints are building a new church in Idaho. People are whining about how it is “too high.” It was reported that it was approved. A sign that America is going in the wrong direction was re-awakened.

I am not LDS, but I am offended at the behavior of Idaho citizens. One response was that if they did not breed so much they wouldn’t need another church. Really? I have seen large families of other faiths and I don’t see anyone saying anything about that.

Back in the day, lynch mobs would chase Mormons out of town. They tore down and burned down LDS temples. Are we headed back in that direction? People are never going to change. It saddens me how childish people are. Has everyone forgotten freedom of religion.

Who cares if someone builds a new temple or mosque? I have not heard anyone complaining about a new church being built. I read a comment that they were tired of feeling like being taken over. Funny, I have heard someone say the same thing about Muslims building a new mosque. What does that make you when you are protesting a new place of worship? Doesn’t that make people who follow other faiths a hypocrite?

Just because someone is building a new place of worship, it does not mean they are taking over. Maybe we should start complaining about Catholics dictating to us like it is the Dark Ages. They try to control the pharmacy by denying birth control or the morning after pill. Seriously, this is hypocritical.


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