Please Do Not Arm Teachers

     I have mentioned this before, do not give a teacher a gun. I have experienced abusive teachers. These teachers think that just because they have your child, they can treat them however they please. This includes beating your child. I can only imagine what they think they can do when they are carrying a weapon.

     In the most recent bomb threat in Idaho at a school, I noticed a new article about mandates to arm the teachers. I can imagine a wave of reports of shootings and a teacher making an excuse that the student threatened them. I was also thinking, “How will an armed teacher protect the school from bomb threats?” Make a student feel protected? I’m afraid not because I would not feel safe near an armed teacher.

      So far, shootings at schools in Idaho have happened late at night. I believe that last year two schools were shot at. There are no reports because students were not there. I think they had some suspects in custody and I did not see anymore articles after that. Perhaps they were minors and the reporters could not do a story on it?

     So far, I have noticed two bomb threats at schools. Last year, a student wanted to avoid a test. Another individual from another country was involved in this string of events. Several schools were evacuated throughout Idaho. This year, the same thing happened again. Some schools were evacuated because of a threat, thankfully it was just a threat.

     Because of “lemon teachers,” do you think they should be armed? Schools have been known to hire someone to be a teacher regardless of their criminal background. Most teachers have been known to physically or sexually abuse their students. Why do you want to give these people a gun? How is it going to protect anyone from the teacher or a bomb threat?


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