Health Insurance As It Is

     Right now, health insurance is a pain in the ass. I am used to automatically being enrolled with health insurance. I do not have to deal with the paperwork. I do, however, put up with the garbage that health insurers and health care providers make me endure.

1. When I had Aetna and Blue Cross, I had an issue trying to understand their policies. Health insurance companies make it an effort to make things confusing. After the Affordable Care Act is implemented, this issue will be addressed because the objective is to give transparency.

2. Right now, we do not know what is in network. Even though health insurance provides a list, they still refer you to the doctor. When you call the doctor, they redirect you to the insurance company. Hopefully, this garbage will come to an end once ACA is in effect.

3. I cannot for the life of me find a gynecologist that I want. This process to find a OBGYN takes me two hours. Why? BECAUSE YOU NEED A MOTHERFUCKING REFERRAL!!! It pisses me off so bad, it makes me sick. I want a female doctor, not a male. Apparently, that is too much to ask. If I call a OBGYN in Nampa, they are snotty and say, “Sorry, you need a referral.” Seriously? This is condescending. After ACA, you DO NOT need a referral. That is right, this behavior will be outlawed.

4. I am thankful that I do not have any pre-existing conditions. I do not have diabetes, epilepsy, or cancer. I could potentially get cancer. I am always worried that I would not have anything to take care of me if I got breast or ovarian cancer. That crap scares me. Thanks to ACA, those questions that are checking for pre-existing crap will be outlawed.

5. Health insurance is one thing I wish I knew existed a long time ago when I was working minimum wage. I do realize that clinics offer a program that base how much you pay on your income. When I worked at a movie theater, I was getting free birth control because I did not make enough to pay for anything.

     The thing about this situation is that I did not have a payment scale when I sprained my ankle. Insurance would have helped me save quite a bit of money. I ended up paying $700. I did not have health insurance, or a pension plan, or a 401K  until I started my “call center career” at DirecTv. I ended up getting kidney stones at one point and racked up a bill in the thousands because I ended up in the emergency room. I only paid $400 and Aetna paid everything else. My point is that, you need health insurance because health care is not cheap. Health insurance reduces the cost of it. If people are so concerned with “Obamacare”, maybe we should focus on lowering the cost of health care significantly.

6. STD testing is very expensive. Planned Parenthood only charges $50 to test for everything. Great! The downside is that they are not open on the weekend and they close at a time when everyone is getting off work. That being said, the only other option is to go to a hospital or clinic. They charge $100 per test and that does not include the laboratory work. The Marketplace will help reduce the cost and I think it covers it with the preventative care.

     I am all for the Affordable Care Act because there are many positive changes coming from it. Life with health care and health insurance today is very grim. As it stands, it is confusing and they are making it hard for everyone to take care of themselves.  The ACA provides more rights for us and makes things more accessible and affordable.


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