Interest of the Child or Yours?

When it comes to children and the birth of children, most people tend to think they can stick their nose in someone else’s business and boss him or her around. Most generally they will act like children in the process. If a woman is pregnant, people think they have the right to tell her whether she should have an abortion or not. When there is a single parent, people tell him or her how they can and cannot discipline their children. Why do people watch single parents like a hawk anyway? Mind your own fucking business.
Then we have Baby Veronica. This is the same situation where people are telling someone what they can and cannot do when they should be minding their own business. The parents made the decision to give up the child in the first place and she was adopted fair and square. Then some activists come along saying that she belongs on a reservation? I thought the days of turning tribes onto white ways were over; why are the activists so concerned? It obviously was not that type of situation.

1. It was the choice of the parents. Yes, the father was Native American. They still made a choice to give up the baby for adoption.

2. She was adopted. I have noticed that people speculate that if a child is not white, he or she will not be adopted. Maybe it is statistics, I don’t know, I do not believe in statistics. That being said, thank goodness a couple took her into their home.

3. The fact that the parents gave the child up for adoption should trump laws that the child should be on a reservation because she has indigenous blood.

When I first saw information about the Veronica Brown case, it was on Facebook. I was curious about it. Why was she not with her real parents? When it comes to activists, they do not focus on the facts. Was the father abusing his child? I asked them why she was not with her father and I did not get an answer. Obviously, the adoptive parents were not in the wrong.

The website¬†proceeded to post a picture of the family stating, “We are a rich spoiled couple…” How childish can people be? Why would you say something like that when the parents clearly did not want the child in the first place? It is not like the couple went and kidnapped the child. It is not like the state stole the child away to convert her. It is not like she is being sold into slavery.

I would like to adopt a child, but the child I have in mind is not white. The reason I want to adopt a child of another race is because I want different cultures in my home. I would love to have a Native American because I love Native American culture. I would love to adopt a girl from India to save her from gendercide. I would love to adopt a child from Africa. The reason I would love to adopt children of different colors is because I think they are beautiful. You would be beautiful to if you would stop being ignorant and childish.



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