Why Black People?

I think it is sad that we live in a society that must question civil rights. I think it is sad that we enslaved people to begin with. Equal rights will never exist because America is too ignorant to let it happen. People will never get along because America is too hateful.

I saw a report about a white supremacist town being built. The septic system failed. Why is there a white community being built in the first place? How come we are allowing this type of behavior? Are they not aware of what year it is and do they understand the reason behind the hatred in the first place?

I honestly believe that we need to begin respecting each other and putting differences aside. Every race has faced hardship here. Every religion has suffered here. How come we continue behaving this way?

What makes me sad is the fact we began enslaving anyone in the first place. We treat Black people as though they had a choice to be where they are located. They did not kidnap themselves and sailed over here to America.

Back when Lincoln was president, he wanted to send the slaves back to Africa. The reason why that didn’t happen was because we were not in the financial position to do so. Even if we sent African Americans to Africa, would anyone want to go to Africa today? Perhaps people would go to be a humanitarian, which would be understandable.

People really need to knock it off. Seriously, just because things were way worse when they first got here does not make it okay to treat them like shit. It is not justified. I am kind of surprised that African Americans have not filed a class action lawsuit against us for the rape, kidnapping, and labor. Of course, it would not make sense to sue people for something we did not do. It would make sense to sue people who act irrationally because of someone’s race.

We should not be reviving Mr. Jim Crow. Jim Crow should be long gone and burning in hell. We should not be bringing racial tension into conversations because it is 2013; grow up. No more what ifs because we cannot change the past. What if Martin Luther King was never shot? Things may have been different in South Africa. We may never know because activists keep getting killed off by the ignorant. If we want to do something, maybe we need to start with accepting differences and stop teaching children about hate.


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