New Job

     It may be rare to say this, but I got a new job and I had to put in notice. Transitions are not easy, but they are easier than being terminated for no reason and facing the challenge of finding a new job. Employment is challenging in the great state of Idaho. I think it is because of all of the excuses that it is a, “right to work state,” and that there are so many people looking for work.

     I don’t know if I had mentioned this before, the job market was horrible before the recession. Got that? Before.

     I remember back before I lived in Nampa and before I thought about voting. I cannot remember which job this was though. I do remember looking very hard for employment because I had car payments to make. I was getting angry because nobody was hiring me.

     In the past couple of years, factories are closing left and right. The meat factory closed and 500 people were looking for jobs. Simplot is relocating, which means 1,000 more people looking for jobs. Which is leading me to believe we are headed straight to another Great Depression. People are bitching about “low paying call center jobs”, but it is way better than ALL of the restaurants that keep opening all up and down Eagle Road in Boise. Yeah, Café Ole pays way better…not. $4 an hour versus $11 an hour…think.

     When the housing market crashed. Many people were closing their accounts because they did not have a job to pay for the service. In addition to closing accounts, DirecTv continued to give a can of worms to the customers to make the calls take longer. We had to get people off of the phone within five minutes. Needless to say, my save rate went from 75% to 25% and my handle time went from 3:00 to 12:00. After six months of this, I was terminated.

     The one thing I learned was to not quit. No matter how crappy the circumstances are. Do not quit. If you quit, you do not get your unemployment benefits. If something is not your fault and out of your control, you get the benefits. DirecTv terminated me for something that was not my fault. DirecTv tried to make me think that I was doing it on purpose. My supervisor, who now works as a receptionist at Primary Health, played the devil’s advocate.

     I got my unemployment after a month and I began working at a new job. Qwest had set this expectation, in this economy, that we had to make $2,000 each day to pass an assessment. I think it was an awfully stupid move because they stated they were forking out $25,000 for this class. Make it a little easier to make the class pass so you don’t have to spend more money for more new people. This will also prevent people from being dishonest, most of the people who did pass were stacking services which probably cost Qwest money. Qwest is no longer and is now Centurylink.

     In the process, I was confused and in between work and trying to make house payments. I was manipulated into going to University Of Phoenix. They target new hires, even though new hires insist that they may not have a job. I told them that I may not pass the assessment; University of Phoenix still pushed. I got enrolled because University of Phoenix would not stop harassing me. Then I lost my job at Qwest because I could not meet the sales goal each day.  

     So, I started with another company and the rest is history. I was promoted to a position that was and is considered lower than management. One year after graduating University of Phoenix, they ceased communication. How do you get something else when everything broke? Two and a half years of college means no social life, no maintenance for the house or car, and not taking care of your pets or yourself.

     University of Phoenix is scum if they think you will have time to look for another job after they completely ruined your life. I had to replace a ton of expensive stuff on the car and house. I had to take both of my dogs to the vet for expensive surgery. I had to take care of myself. In turn, I had to look for another job.

     I e-mailed Idaho Department of Labor in LinkedIn. I told them my situation about the degree and that I did not know what I am supposed to do with it. No, it was not discussed with me EITHER. The Idaho Department of Labor referred me to another call center job for a trainer. I applied for that, the people hiring for trainer referred me to call center supervisor. I got an e-mail stating that I did not qualify.

     A month goes by after applying and everyone from the team I was on started dwindling away. I was pissed because they got the position I applied for. Everyone was leaving and I was being left behind when I was already applying for over a month. Other contributing factors came up. I have not seen a raise in over a year. The team had to take calls for our “supervisor” position and regular calls. The other agents were being sent home early and we had to pick up the slack. No raise. We normally get a differential for working past 9PM. They changed our position to where we could not get the differential anymore. Not only that, we had to do something about our handle time. Fixing other people’s mistakes cause calls to take longer.

     The other contributing factor was what was changed about quality. We had to be more specific about how sorry we are and how we feel. Okay, when I call and escalate, I am at the point where I am yelling at them to fix it so I do not have to call anymore. Make sense? If I am on a mutual understanding with a customer, what quality was looking for made no sense. My quality was beginning to tank. I was pissed because I have been working at call centers for nearly 8 years and I was spending $25,000 on a communications degree. You are telling me that I do not know how to speak to my customers?

     I began applying at that company again. The company took a long time communicating with me. Finally, after almost four months, I got hired by them.

     This process took so long, I had to put in a one day notice. The boss said it was awfully short notice, but what difference does it make? I was thinking about it because typically people who put in their two weeks notice do not show up during those two weeks. Think about that.

     So far, I know that I am going to love what I am doing. The company has been around for a while. I do not have to sell anything. I do not have to set up anything. I just explain information. Everything is going to be much better where I am going.


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