It Does Not Make it Okay

1. How a woman dresses.

      It does not matter how I dress. A man will always think I am sexy. All age groups ranging from infant to the elderly are raped around the world. Are you saying a diaper provoked you? You are a pedophile.

2. She was at the bar.

     Every now and again, I want a beer. I’m not going to drink in the middle of the day because that will make me an alcoholic.

3. A female was out late at night.

     The girl was watching a FAMILY MOVIE. It does not make her the lady of the night. I go out all the time because I want to relax. Women can’t go anywhere in India. They can’t even stay at home without someone trying to kill them simply because she does not have a penis.

Who cares if she was out having fun, it does not make it okay to rape her. It was none of their damn business. It is none of the lawyers business that she was out late at night. They killed her and the lawyer is concerned that THEIR life is on the line? These people were out to terrorize the town and they are making it look okay. These people were joy riding on the bus and tricking people so they could either rob or rape them. This is unethical behavior. What are you doing making the court review something that is so obvious? They deserve to die, especially because of the extremity of the sexual assault. A human is dead because of this malicious behavior. It is not right. A.P. Singh has no morals. The judicial system in India has no morals.


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