In Reverse

For once, I would like to see our government mind it’s own damn business. I know that war helped us get out of a depression. A war is not going to do anything financially for us because we are already spending too much money on war. I began to think about history and what the world would be like if it was in reverse.

We have used chemical weapons on other countries and both soldiers and civilians paid the consequences. Agent Orange is a chemical that was made by your favorite non-stick frying pan company DuPont. People who handled Agent Orange were affected by the chemical. People who were around the people handling the chemical were affected. Of course, people in Vietnam were affected by the people who dropped the chemical on them.

There is no positive in striking anyone. Innocent people die. We create paranoia and deformities that last a life time. They last for generations and then history repeats itself. I would like to see that we for once break this cycle and stop causing problems for other countries or problems for ourselves.

We do not know how long radiation lasts. It could very well be here for the rest of Earth’s existence. People in Hiroshima still face the negative impact of the atomic bomb. In fact, Americans are suffering from the nuclear testing conducted here.  It scared the crap out of people and ended the war. People still pet a burning dog and create nuclear energy and never learn after Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Our own government tested nuclear weapons on our own country. People deny it. The government conducted experiments on LSD. They did an experiment on troops. The government tested sexually transmitted diseases. Perhaps some of their experiments were conducted on willing volunteers. We do know that experiments were conducted on those who were not aware of it.

What if we lived in a world where another country attacked us because the United States government conducted tests on us? What if we lived in a world where countries attacked us for testing nuclear bombs on ourselves?

Don’t we have enough problems here? We have so many problems, our country looks more corrupt than North Korea. We are letting people run free for murder. A paranoid man shoots a minor in “self-defense” and is free. A woman shoots warning shots at her husband and gets 20 years.

Our economy is unstable and you want to spend money on war? We have right-to-work states and the government isn’t doing anything about it. Religious fanatics are harassing other people for expressing their freedom. Innocent people are being shot here for no reason. The beloved pets of American citizens are being shot by police. The police and judges are treating women like dogs. The United States government needs to be stepping in to defend the American citizens from American citizens. Our country is up-side-down and nobody can do anything about it.

The American people have no choice, but to vote for corrupt people. Bujak, a suspicious character, wants to run in the political race. What is discouraging is the fact that he will FIT IN.

What frightens me is the fact that Obama (the person I voted for) is willing to take action against Syria with or without help. He doesn’t give a shit. Why should we think he actually gives a shit about Syrians? I do not see Syria asking for out help. All I see is Syria preparing for us to not mind our own business. If they are scared of the strike, would that not be an indication that they do not want us to intervene? Their government already terrorized them and then we are going to terrorize them more? Are you fucking retarded?

Sometimes I wonder if we had presidents fight in hand-to-hand combat. What would the government do if the troops just up and went AWOL? Would Obama still say, “I will do this with or without you.”?  Do you think Obama would turn into Rambo and go to Syria himself? You cannot save the world. You cannot change the world. People are saying no. People are objecting to this action. People voted for the President and the President is ignoring the people who supported him.

Do we not have a voice? Do other countries not have a voice? I hope that Congress is listening. I hope they are listening to the concerns of the people in Syria and the surrounding areas. I hope that they are listening to the people who have voted for them. I think that striking Syria is a stupid idea. It is an outrage. It is an outrage what they are doing, but an even bigger one if we strike them more.


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