God is the Only Judge

What I do no understand is the fact that people think they have the right to judge others. People form opinions and poison the well with this information. They judge you when you are skinny or fat. They judge you for your appearance. They judge you over the decisions you make whether you had a choice or not.

What makes judgment worse is social media. I do not believe there is a handbook on how to live your life or how to respond. Quite honestly, there should not be one anyway. Hannah Anderson should not have been posting pictures or responding to reports as soon as she was rescued. Who am I to tell her what to do? Her father should be the one to control the situation. We are not her parents. People are judging her and saying what a bad person she is. Too many movies? Leave her alone and stop giving her attention you idiots.

The same goes for Westborough Church. What gave them the right to judge? Are they not aware that God is the one to judge us? Isn’t it our choice and our choice alone to make decisions that will cause God to judge us?

I always thought that men were required to join the military or face consequences. Isn’t it the president who declares war? I thought Obama was a human being who everyone thinks is Superman.

I did not see anything cosmic strike our country and make everyone want to go overseas and kill. Unless, Westborough is Amish and never seen a jet or a skyscraper before. Is that it? Or are they trying to fight extremists with extremists? Westborough Church is nothing but an American Taliban.

Who gave them the right to say something horrible about troops who fight in war? How is it the fault of homosexuals? How do they know if there is really a God or if they are actually communicating with Satan?

They were saying bad things about the soldier from Idaho who has fallen. I do not support the war and I think at this point it is redundant. I am all for people who are fighting for what they believe in. I am not for people who bully others who either willingly or unwillingly joined the military and were sent off to war. You can’t do that.

You cannot tell me what to do. You cannot tell others what they cannot do or say. I do not judge people. I can determine whether someone is good or evil by the actions they take. If they commit murder or slander, it is best to not socialize with them. If someone tries to take advantage of others for their benefit, it is best to not socialize with them. I will not bully others for their wrong doings. If you think someone is evil, do not have any association with them. That means not talking to them or antagonizing them. If you believe in God, you know that only God can pass judgment.


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