Fire! Fire!

     I moved to Boise when I was 17. I was a junior in high school and the first huge fire in Idaho had happened that I know of. There may have been fires before that, I’ve only been on this planet for 36 years.

     I think I moved to Boise during the winter. I cannot remember when this happened, but a fire was ignited from a firing range that the police practice at. The fire burned quite a bit of acreage and it could be seen from a number of places in Boise.

     I lived with my father in a trailer court. At night, I would sit on the roof and watch the fire in the foot hills. The fire was a tiny flame from where I was, but fires scared me. Since then, there have been a number of flash floods due to erosion. There have been a number of fires since then.

     I think that there are so many fires that occur in Idaho that we are used to it. Not that I am saying that it is not bothersome. The recent fires have caused some major issues with vision and allergies. The recent child abduction that ended in Cascade was thwarted with smoke from all of the fires surrounding the area.  

     I am not as concerned with fires as I used to be. My first camping trip on my own was at Cascade Lake. At the time, California was on fire and the smoke created a greenhouse in Idaho.  There were a number of fires in the area. I went camping anyway and it was warm.

     I think we are a little too comfortable with fires here in Idaho. A building was on fire during the Cherry Festival. The roads were full of smoke, but people carried on. No panic. The only people who were panicking was the local fire department because they called in a few more fire fighters from towns surrounding the area.

     As they evacuate towns in Mountain Home this summer, they are facing issues with people not wanting to leave there home. I do not believe that it has much to do with wanting to be at home. I think that it has much to do with the fact that we feel that we are not in any eminent danger.

     I think it is kind of funny when I see news reports on fires in California or Colorado. I think  it had much to do with all the fires we have every summer. We could walk on fire if we wanted to.

     I kind of get annoyed when there is a fire. I think that someone ruined the fun for the rest of us who want to go camping. People really need to be careful when it comes to fire safety because it ruins fun for everyone. It causes issues for people who have allergies. It creates a hazard for wild life and the residents.

     I don’t want to sound like Smokey the Bear, but be responsible. Camping is almost over. They are shutting off the water early this year. This really sucks because my lawn and garden is going to die.


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