He Was a Minor; Not A Minority

People did not become an expert in law overnight as rhetorical devices defending Zimmerman protest. I have a question. What would have happened if Zimmerman shot a seven-year-old who was throwing a nasty temper tantrum? What if it was a black seven-year-old?

Had he shot Trayvon in Idaho, Zimmerman would have been in prison for murdering a minor. As much discrimination toward teenagers there is in Idaho, they are well protected by the law. What was he doing shooting a teenager? Defending himself from Trayvon defending himself?

There is a reason you do not follow someone. You do not know if that person is dangerous. If the person is dangerous, YOU LET THE POLICE HANDLE IT. Zimmerman was not a police officer. He was the night watch. Night watch is not considered as a police officer. We think of them as rent a cop. Night watch does not hand out citations, police officers do.

If someone was following me, I would beat the living tar out of him. I would beat the shit out of someone who pursued me and jumped out of their car. Trayvon may have broken Zimmerman’s nose and bashed his head in the ground. Zimmerman clearly did not know if Trayvon was dangerous, why did he get out of his car?

The bullshit with the turning Arizona tea into a narcotic? People are really coming up with excuses to defend the piece of garbage WHO SHOT A MINOR. So what if Trayvon has smoked a joint. I find it highly unlikely it would turn him into someone aggressive. The only drug that was being used was adrenaline.

I was shocked about Zimmerman’s verdict. When they mentioned no DNA was found on Trayvon, I thought Zimmerman was done for. What kind of evidence do you need to throw someone in the slammer for murdering a child?

Yes, the juror’s made their decision. They make it look okay to murder children. I’m not going to go on any protests. I never thought that protesting has done anything. I will participate in anything legal to repeal the stand your ground law. I think it gives people an excuse to shoot anyone; even a minor walking down the street in the middle of the night.


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