Screw U Prince

Once upon a time, I loved Michael Jackson. When I was about 12 or 13, I became a Prince fan. This was also the time when the child molestation charges were being filed against Jackson. It didn’t have anything to do with that, I thought that Prince made better music.

A Prince fan in Idaho is an isolated individual. Not very many people enjoy Prince. In fact, many Idahoans go into a rabid rage when they hear a name of a sex symbol. I pretty much was stuck in a world of isolation. People mocked me when I went to the store to order Prince’s albums. This was before the Internet was used by everyone.

I had to go through the trouble of going to the store in Boise to order music that I wanted to hear. I had to travel from Emmett To Boise to order and pick up music. Hastings has a catalog that you can order entertainment from. I ordered anything Prince. Movies, books, and albums. I became the annoying know-it-all of Prince. I did not always get what I wanted to order. Sometimes I received a postcard stating that the item was no longer available.

One glorious time of my life, I worked at a movie theater. I received movie posters and standees of Prince. I got into a habit of putting my name on Prince advertisements in stores. I have things that hang from the ceiling.

I began to gradually use the Internet when I discovered dial-up and gaming. I hung out on search engines looking for Prince songs and pictures. I found a website containing a song called “The One.”  I loved the song and I went out of my way to order the album it is on. I think it is called New Power Soul. I loved that album and another one just like it that I ordered some time after.

Now, Prince is against the Internet. I remember the day he said that the Internet was dead. Wasn’t this the place that you could finally purchase his music? I think that his point was that media like Napster and LimeWire ruined that magic. I was always happy to hear something I never heard before. Now that he has thrown his temper tantrum, I cannot hear anything without liking the Facebook pages of his fans.

I never get to hear anything being in Idaho. I depend on the Internet to hear new Prince music. There are so many videos that I cannot see that Prince made. I was thrilled when I found old videos on YouTube that I cannot purchase. The videos are long gone and I cannot enjoy them anymore. I don’t have the technology or know how to download the videos for myself. I cannot enjoy that video Empty Room or locate that song I loved Neon Telephone.

Once again, I am at square one. This time, I cannot get anything. I don’t have very much money. I cannot afford to travel and see his $200 concerts. I cannot afford to order a $100 copy of his Lovesexy tour in Japan. I just want to go to a concert before he dies. I just want to be able to listen to all of his music and watch all of his videos. Is that too much to ask?

Now that all of his videos and music are constantly being removed, I think Prince is a dick for keeping everything to himself. I thought that his music was his children to share with everyone. His belief had turned into a double standard and Prince’s music is enslaved to him.


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