Why, McDonnald’s?

     If there was anything I should stop doing, it should be fast food. I eat plenty of fast food. I go to bed late and leave the house late in the morning. So, I do not have much time and I eat fast food every day. I notice stuff.

     I have been going to McDonald’s lately and I began to think about it. My thoughts were about the things that McDonald’s has been doing for a while. The customer service has improved a little bit. They no longer have cashiers that come out or stick their head out the window to yell at the customer.

     What I find quite odd is the fact that they have two different lines going in to place an order. It would seem to speed this up. There is one problem. Everyone goes to the same window to pay. This does not make sense.

     There was a fast food place called Good Times. It was a small burger place. One side had a drive through window and the other side had a drive through window. This makes sense. No crowding in line. Lower risk of confusing the orders.

     What I would like to see return is fry sauce. I remember when you asked for that special sauce.  Sometime in the 90’s, they discontinued the sauce because it was made especially for their sacred Big Mac.

     McDonald’s should have sweet potato fries. Those are awesome! Carl’s Junior has sweet potato fries. I saw that Burger King has recently added sweet potato fries. Why can’t McDonald’s have them?

     Why can’t we eat what people overseas are eating? Menus abroad at McDonald’s appear more appetizing. I want what they are having.


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