Money Makes the Crooks Go Round

I sense that the gas prices are going to rise again. As the prices rise, so do the rhetorical devices. I think that the crooks are creating a diversion to justify the rise in the price.

The first thing I notice is that people are making an excuse that it has something to do with our tax returns. I thought that this money was already taken from us by the government. They turn around and take it again? That is our money, they can’t have that back. It’s really none of their business what we spend our returns on. If we want to go shopping with it and better the economy, more power to us. I think that it is possible that the IRS is being nosy, but how does that entitle them to raise the price?

The next thing I notice are economists who claim that the gas prices are raising because the economy doing better. Huh? When? I didn’t see my raise. Where the fuck is my raise?

People blame the president. I distinctly remember when the gas prices skyrocketed when Bush was president. It still would have happened if Romney won. That is what we call the scape goat fallacy.

Why is everyone putting a smoke screen up? I think that we should be working together on an idea for a new fuel source and implementing it. We are creating new waste every day. That Greek yogurt phase is creating a whey that is not incredibly healthy to eat. Come on people, let’s put our brains together. Make use of that degree that everyone is being forced to earn.

If we don’t do something fast, the price of food is going to go up. Did you notice that grocery stores make an excuse that the gas prices affect the price of food? It is an excuse. This is the reason: the food prices do not drop when the gas prices go down.

What sucks about this situation is the fact that you have no choice but to commute in Idaho. Virtually all of the factories are closing in Nampa. That is 1500 more people looking for work. The only work available in Nampa is minimum wage or lower. That is not enough to make a house payment and the house market is going to crash again. Do you understand where I am going? We are headed straight to another Great Depression with gusto. We need to put an end to this madness. I do not feel like paying $5 a gallon for gas and I do not ever want to see it get that high.


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