Abuse of Rhetoric

The number one pet peeve of mine are people who tell lies to manipulate others. It makes me sick. People are being persuaded to make the wrong decision. People are following a bad crowd or making false accusations. Social media have turned rhetorical devices into a monster.

I think that people do not want to believe the world around them is changing. People do not want to believe that events happen. Were people not there? Did people not die? What annoys me the most about this the tone of the person’s voice. They think they have to yell to make a point. If someone has to yell about something, does this not indicate the reason nobody wanted to listen to them in the first place?

For example, people are trying to convince others that the holocaust never happened. How is this so? People were murdered. The vacant concentration camps are still standing. Survivors tell horror stories of what happened at concentration camps. There is photographic evidence that this happened. Nazis from these camps are still being arrested! I think it is evident that the holocaust really did happen.

What makes me sick are people who try to make murderers and terrorists appear innocent. What the hell is wrong with you? James Holmes had an arsenal at his apartment to distract the authorities. He collected a ton of weapons. I think he got pissed about failing a course and wanted to find some way to not pay for the student loan.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Just because someone is good-looking doesn’t mean you should trust him. Just because someone is handsome it does not mean they are innocent. Yes, he is cute, but he needs to die by firing squad.

What the hell is this illuminati bullshit? Are you smoking something? I honestly believe that people who create conspiracy theories are giving us a reason not to legalize illegal substances. I saw a video today of someone accusing Prince of brainwashing his fans. People are accusing music artists of illuminati. Why in the world would a music artist give subliminal messages? Yes, Prince buries information in the artwork of his albums. The messages I have seen: Don’t buy the Black Album, I’m sorry. Subliminal messages? Are you out of your God damn mind? Play the Purple Rain album backwards. “Hello how are you? I’m fine because I know the Lord is coming soon.” Nothing subliminal about it, it just proves that Prince has been trying to convey a religious message and has always wanted to sing about God when Warner Brothers prohibited it.

The only thing I want to say is that these people are abusing rhetorical devices and should be avoided at all costs. For our sake.


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