Dear India

I have watched yet another report on a factory fire. Obviously, some Americans do care and refuse to purchase products made in other countries. I think the resolution is to ban corporations from employing your workers. Yes, it is a job. Is it worth letting your friends and families lose their lives? Is it worth your friends and families starving because corporations do not pay enough money? The answer is no. It makes me sick to see American history repeat itself in another country.

There is so much I want to say and I do not know where to begin. In the United States, we have come a long way to eliminate child labor, equality, and a safe working environment. It was not always safe. People of all ages worked. The hours were limitless, pay was horrible (which eventually contributed to the Great Depression), and factories could care less that humans worked for them. The Triangle Waistcoat fire is a prime example.

146 people died. Many of the victims were under the age of 18. The factory created an unsafe working environment. They would not let anyone leave unless they were certain that the employees were not stealing as much as a string. They blocked off all exits to ensure nobody stole anything. Because the exits were blocked, 146 people perished in the fire.

People were sick of the inhumane working conditions and being treated like dogs. This eventually began the Progressive Era. People stood up and did something and I think India should do the same thing. Stand up against corporate big dogs. They don’t care about you just like they don’t care about us. All they want is money and they actually make more money than you do. We stood up and we have child labor laws and anti-discrimination laws. Unless you do not work in a right-to-work state, factories have to abide by the rules.

What I dislike is the fact that I went to college for communications. The degree focused on communicating with potential business partners in other countries. What for? So we can take advantage of other cultures? Corporations establish business relations in other countries because the labor doesn’t cost as much as it does in America. Because they are establishing business elsewhere, many Americans do not have a job. The jobless Americans probably make as much as those who work at a call center or factory overseas. Do you get what I am saying?

If America is sending jobs overseas and mistreating others, perhaps we need to send some advocates out there to help other countries to defend themselves from corporations. If nothing is done, inhumane labor will continue.


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