Who Died And Gave You The Right of Way?

     The battle between truckers and car drivers is a common battle in the state of Idaho. Yes, one more thing to hate here. That is because truckers think it is justified to put another person’s life at stake because they “bring the goods.”

     I am in awe when I travel to states such as Oregon where truckers have to drive 10 miles under the speed limit. It makes me wish that we had something like that here. I cannot tell you how many times I almost died because some trucker did not have any manners.

     I hear truckers boo-hoo about how other people on the road treat them poorly. Well, Trucker, did you ever consider that drivers are trying to get far away from you because he or she wants to live?

     Three times, truckers have attempted to run me off the road and smash me into a concrete wall. Someone driving a Miller Lite truck tried to run me off the road when I was in the Cascades. Another trucker nearly ran me off the road at a turn light. If you call the local authorities, they do not do anything.

     Just the other day, I was taking an exit onto the I-84. A trucker, who was driving rather slow, cut off the person in front of me. We both had to slow down. As I pass him, I blare my horn at the inconsiderate jerk. He blares his horn back. Really? You think you have the right to be mad at me? I should be mad at you.

     I remember listening to 6 On Your Side. There was one caller who was complaining about the driving habits of truckers. The next call they played was a trucker lecturing us viewers about how much they are privileged because they bring our supplies. It is as though we have no right to complain or stand up for ourselves against dangerous driving habits.

     Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to drive safely. This includes cars, truckers, and motorcyclists. The battle between trucker and driver is a bit redundant. Just shut-up and start driving safely. Everyone needs to start getting along. We are all humans on the road after all.


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