Wait Til You’re Older

When I was younger, I watched all kinds of shows. I never understood everything I was watching, but I enjoyed everything. I loved watching cartoons more than anything. Then, there were shows that were probably inappropriate for me to watch as a child.

I was never allowed to watch the love scenes. My parents would send me and my brother to another room until the love scene was over. Which was okay, I got to watch the movies later on. I never knew what the fuss was about. I was permitted to watch other shows like Dirty Dancing and Bill Cosby Himself.

These are really good. The story telling is excellent. I never understood all the details. Not until I was older. The older I get, the more I understand. I probably should have never watched Dirty Dancing, but it is a good movie. I never knew that Baby was helping a complete stranger get an abortion. I had no idea. When I watch it now, I am amused that I never understood what was happening besides the romance between Baby and Johnny Castle.

I always thought of Bill Cosby as wholesome entertainment. I watched the Cosby Show and Fat Albert and loved the shows. I recently found Bill Cosby Himself and I never realized how funny it was. I always enjoyed the story about how his wife gave birth to their first child and the chocolate cake for breakfast. The jokes I missed when I was younger was him joking about people who are under the influence. I never laughed so hard and I watched this more times than I can remember. I was laughing even harder at his description of how parents want silence and fighting children. I do not have kids, but I can relate to how dysfunctional children can be because I fought with my siblings.

What I believe is odd is the fact that my parents never permitted me to watch Garbage Pail Kids or the sequel to Gremlins. I think they believed that the movies would be too scary. I never got to watch Garbage Pail Kids until I was about 30. The movie is stupid, absolutely stupid. Gremlins? It’s certainly not scary. In fact it is funnier than the first.

I think it is pointless to shield anyone from anything that seems offensive. Eventually, it will be watched. I think it is really petty because typically the movie is either stupid or good. Look at Showgirls, it is NC-17 and probably the worst movie ever made.


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